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Temperance tarot card

The traditional meaning of Temperance tarot card is Balance. Temperance also denotes patience, well-being and complementing others.

Learn more about Temperance tarot card meanings here. 

Temperance in the Grand Tableau

Temperance in Fool position: New found well-being. Unexpected healing.

Temperance in Magician position: The Wellness industry. Talented mediator.

Temperance in High Priestess position: Angel intuitive.

Temperance in Empress position: Earth angel, beauty industry.

Temperance in Emperor position: A humble leader.

Temperance in Hierophant position: Higher education. A humble religion.

Temperance in Lovers position: A balanced relationship. A healing relationship.

Temperance in Chariot position: Changing residence, going overseas.

Temperance in Strength: Long term goal. A protector. Guardian angel.

Temperance in Hermit: A humble teacher.

Temperance in Wheel of Fortune: Seeking your Destiny.

Temperance in Justice: Tolerance and equality.

Temperance in Hanged Man: Inner visions.

Temperance in Death: End of moderation. Patience running out. A bad mix.

Temperance in Temperance: Heaven on earth.

Temperance in Devil: Fanaticism.

Temperance in Tower: Recklessness.

Temperance in Star: Getting your life together.

Temperance in Moon: Behaving out of character.

Temperance in Sun: A team leader. Working well with others.

Temperance in Judgement: Following your calling. A wanted change.

Temperance in World: Far distance overseas travel.