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The Devil Tarot Cards

The traditional meaning of the Devil tarot card is Obsessions. The Devil speaks of what bonds us in addictive behaviours. The Devil can be a card that reminds us where we are fear motivated.

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The Devil In the Grand Tableau

Devil in Fool position: A player. Gambling. Stalking.

Devil in Magician position: Aggressive sales person/environment.

Devil in High Priestess position: Obsessive woman. Fearful psychic.

Devil in Empress position: Dangerous beauty.

Devil in Emperor position: The need for power. Control freak.

Devil in Hierophant position: Becoming more spiritual.

Devil in Lovers position: Obsessive love.

Devil in Chariot position: Going to a dangerous place. Unhealthy competition.

Devil in Strength: Standing up to bullies.

Devil in Hermit: Being the brightest light in a dark place.

Devil in Wheel of Fortune: Breaking free from unhealthy habits.

Devil in Justice: Criminal law.

Devil in Hanged Man: Stuck in fear.

Devil in Death: Fear of death.

Devil in Temperance: A bad seed among others. Corruption.

Devil in Devil: Addicted to danger.

Devil in Tower: Being confronted by the truth of a bad situation.

Devil in Star: A dangerous future. Confrontations.

Devil in Moon: Prostitution.

Devil in Sun: Moving out of darkness. A new start.

Devil in Judgement: The past catching up.

Devil in World: Land and natural resources. The underworld.