The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card Combinations

The traditional meaning of the Tower tarot card is destruction. The Tower can speak of confrontation, war and anger.

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The Tower in the Grand Tableau

Tower in Fool position: A dramatic new beginning. Finding out a shocking truth through social media.

Tower in Magician position: Communication meltdown. Malicious gossip. Exposure online.

Tower in High Priestess position: Emotional meltdown. A dangerous woman.

Tower in Empress position: Sudden and unexpected changes to your security.

Tower in Emperor position: Destructive leadership. Unpopular leader.

Tower in Hierophant position: Seeking help for destructive behaviour. Getting help.

Tower in Lovers position: A dramatic relationship.

Tower in Chariot position: Escaping danger.

Tower in Strength: Strength through adversity.

Tower in Hermit: Learning from mistakes.

Tower in Wheel of Fortune: Luck in unluck.

Tower in Justice: Compensation.

Tower in Hanged Man: Passive aggressive.

Tower in Death: Army, inevitable confrontation.

Tower in Temperance: Spiritual guidance.

Tower in Devil: Destructive behaviour. Greed.

Tower in Tower: Endless fighting.

Tower in Star: Peace after conflict.

Tower in Moon: Post traumatic stress.

Tower in Sun: Healing after trauma and stress.

Tower in Judgement: Conflict resolution.

Tower in World: Conflict Zones.

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