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The Star Tarot card

The traditional meaning of the Star is hope. The Star denotes being optimistic about one’s future. The Star speaks of being of service to make the world a better place.

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The Star in the Grand Tableau

Star in Fool position: Reinvention. Being in the right place at the right time.

Star in Magician position: Believing in yourself.

Star in High Priestess position: Making the impossible possible.

Star in Empress position: Good health. Recovering.

Star in Emperor position: Becoming your own boss.

Star in Hierophant position: Strong faith.

Star in Lovers position: Meeting your Soul Mate. Believing in love.

Star in Chariot position: Making an inspired move. Getting your way.

Star in Strength: Caring for others. Believing in others. Inspiring others.

Star in Hermit: Inspirational teacher.

Star in Wheel of Fortune: A promotion. Recognition. Fame.

Star in Justice: Spiritual truth. Forgiveness.

Star in Hanged Man: Loosing control. Aggression.

Star in Death: Changing your future.

Star in Temperance: Being different.

Star in Devil: Believing the worst. Loosing faith.

Star in Tower: Survival instincts. Survival mode.

Star in Star: Innocence.

Star in Moon: Role play, Unknown territory.

Star in Sun: Being accepted. A child with special gifts.

Star in Judgement: Being the person you were always meant to be.

Star in World: Peace.