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The Moon Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of the Moon tarot card is imagination. The Moon speaks of instincts, intuition, dreams, illusions, creativity and the subconscious.

Learn more about the Moon tarot card meanings here. 

The Moon in the Grand Tableau

Moon in Fool position: Creating a new reality.

Moon in Magician position: Emotional marketing. Creative industry.

Moon in High Priestess position: The inner life. A mystery.

Moon in Empress position: A worrisome person. Anxious person.

Moon in Emperor position: Ruling the night scene.

Moon in Hierophant position: Tested faith.

Moon in Lovers position: In the dark about love. Difficulty in making decisions.

Moon in Chariot position: Problems with your vehicle. Creative travels.

Moon in Strength: Caring for people with mental health problems. Strong when others are scared.

Moon in Hermit: Loneliness. Telepathy with animals.

Moon in Wheel of Fortune: Coming out of your shell. A creative career.

Moon in Justice: A Guru. Loop holes in legal system.

Moon in Hanged Man: Escapism. Drug problems.

Moon in Death: Ending a dark chapter. Hiding from the world.

Moon in Temperance: Testing the waters.

Moon in Devil: Depression. Fears. Bad company.

Moon in Tower: A dark adventure. Getting into trouble.

Moon in Star: The Theater. Being on stage.

Moon in Moon: Hypersensitivity.

Moon in Sun: Melodramatic. A young artist.

Moon in Judgement: Your deepest need calling out. A creative calling.

Moon in World: Social anxiety.