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The Emperor tarot card

The traditional meaning of the Emperor is structure. The Emperor denotes being in control. It can also signify a high-powered position or self-employment.

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The Emperor in the Grand Tableau

Emperor in Fool position: Employing new staff, providing for others. Restructuring.

Emperor in Magician position: Hands on Manager, Successful sales strategy, a leader in marketing.

Emperor in High Priestess position: Leader in hypnosis, Re-programming the subconscious.

Emperor in Empress position: Leadership in the beauty industry, Successful parenting, wealth creating.

Emperor in Emperor position: The top of a large cooperation, general, army,  Control-freak?

Emperor in Hierophant position: Top level of religious organisation, a corner-stone business, owning a franchise.

Emperor in Lovers position: A husband, a couple who own a business together, a very stable relationship.

Emperor in Chariot position: Moving up the social ladder, expanding your business. An audit.

Emperor in Strength: A compassionate leader.

Emperor in Hermit: Self-employed teacher, working alone, retirement.

Emperor in Wheel of Fortune: A career change, a fortunate change of leader.

Emperor in Justice: A stable legal system. Police.

Emperor in Hanged Man: Loss of power. Taking a step back while leading. Cutting back.

Emperor in Death: Growing up, becoming a man or adult. Independence. The tax man.

Emperor in Temperance: A patient leader. A news reporter.

Emperor in Devil: A mining mogul, A farmer.

Emperor in Tower: An angry leader, controlling one’s anger.

Emperor in Star: A positive and eccentric leader, Leader in technology, a movie star.

Emperor in Moon: A detective (or spy), a leader in creative industries.

Emperor in Sun: A new business being successful, a successful leader.

Emperor in Judgement: A high powered politician, renewal of business structure, becoming a leader.

Emperor in World: A government position, achieving in leadership.