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Judgement Tarot Card

The traditional meaning of Judgement tarot card is Rebirth. Judgement tarot card speaks of being humble, listening to higher powers and living life with purpose. Judgement denotes taking responsibility for your life.

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Judgement in the Grand Tableau

Judgement in Fool position: Renewing yourself based on your deepest need.

Judgement in Magician position: Research. A smooth talking politician.

Judgement in High Priestess position: An influential woman.

Judgement in Empress position: An artist. Recognition.

Judgement in Emperor position: Calling the shots.

Judgement in Hierophant position: Taking an oath. Studying.

Judgement in Lovers position: Taking a stand in your relationship. Holding your own.

Judgement in Chariot position: Saving someone.

Judgement in Strength: Philanthropy.

Judgement in Hermit: A truth seeker.

Judgement in Wheel of Fortune: Having visions. Prophecy.

Judgement in Justice: A blessed ending.

Judgement in Hanged Man: Story teller. Film making. Fiction.

Judgement in Death: Doing something that scares you. Ending something.

Judgement in Temperance: Communicating with higher powers.

Judgement in Devil: Facing our Shadow side.

Judgement in Tower: A blessing in disguise.

Judgement in Star: A convention.

Judgement in Moon: Communicating with animals. Psychic powers.

Judgement in Sun: Choosing a new way of life. A better lifestyle.

Judgement in Judgement: Power struggles.

Judgement in World: Coming together for the greater good. The world of politics.