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The World tarot card

Traditional meaning of the World tarot card is completion. World denotes knowing where you belong and feeling connected to the world you live in. The World tarot card is about achieving. It also means you are accountable and mature in your actions.

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The World in the Grand Tableau

World in Fool position: Going somewhere new. Overseas travel.

World in Magician position: Doing what you desire most.

World in High Priestess position: An overseas woman. Speaking another language.

World in Empress position: The sensual world. Meaning the world to someone.

World in Emperor position: The world of structure. Ambition. Rules and regulations.

World in Hierophant position: The world of religion. Traditions of accomplishments. Eloping.

World in Lovers position: Worldwide romance.

World in Chariot position: Broadening your horizon. Accomplishing something overseas.

World in Strength: The world of compassion. Being someone’s rock.

World in Hermit: The world of wisdom. Mastering meditation. A master teacher.

World in Wheel of Fortune: Feeling a deep connection to people and places.

World in Justice: The legal world. Success in legal matters.

World in Hanged Man: The world of ideals. Academia.

World in Death: Completing a chapter in your life.

World in Temperance: The world of healing. Coming together.

World in Devil: A dark place.

World in Tower: Collapse of safety structures and rules.

World in Star: Humanitarianism.

World in Moon: Escaping reality. The world of fantasy, imagination and the arts.

World in Sun: The world of reason. A sunny place. Self-realisation.

World in Judgement: The world of politics.

World in World: Winning.