Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

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queen of wands tarot card meanings queen of wands tarot card

Queen of Wands Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Attractive and fun.

Popular and easily liked.

Keen interest in magic and the supernatural.


Goal-oriented and ambitious.

Can create both harmony and havoc easily.

Following your true passion.

Kind, warm and passionate. 

Busy and active.





Symbolism in Queen of Wands tarot card

The back of the queen’s throne is decorated by an image of lions facing each other symbolising courage. Her throne is carved out in an image of lions facing opposing direction on each side of the queen symbolising strength and power. In her left hand she is holding a sunflower symbolising joy. In her right hand she is holding the wand symbolising action. The black cat symbolises magic and sorcery and the independent nature of the seeker.

Queen of wands tarot card meanings upright

Queen of wands in general questions

The Queen of Wands tarot card denotes a warm, kind, and passionate person. This is someone who is goal oriented and determined. Queen of wands is also a metaphysic who can use her mind to create both harmony and havoc. She is hot-tempered and mysterious. In situations, she symbolises determination towards self-discovery, self-realization, and career advancement. There can only be an advancement in career and personal life when Queen of wands tarot card shows up, as this is the card for following your true passions. People seek you for advice.

Tips when Queen of Wands shows up in a reading: Queen of Wands people love to learn, especially through stories they can relate to. They have a great imagination that interacts best in creative settings. Help your clients to find ways to express themselves in creative ways that are also educational. They are happiest when they can nurture their creativity.

Queen of wands in love questions

In a love reading, Queen of wands tarot card denotes having plenty of options and many admirers. Queen of wands can denote that the Seeker really needs love in their life, and they need to be appreciated. They will not last long in a relationship where they are under-appreciated. Casual relationships will not do. Queen of wands speaks of relationship where the Seeker is adored by their partner.

Queen of wands in career questions

In a career reading, Queen of wands tarot card signifies teaching jobs, leadership roles, creative careers and entrepreneurship. The highest and best career path for a Queen of wands person is self-employment where they can nurture their own brand.

Queen of Wands as Feelings

Queen of wands as feelings speaks of the Seeker feeling a lot of adoration for someone. The Seeker is most likely also feeling highly ambitious and courageous at this time. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Queen of wands can mean this person adores you and has put you up on a pedestal.

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Personality types in Queen of Wands tarot card

Queen of wands tarot card signifies someone classy, witty and smart. Queen of wands people are vibrating with ideas and inspiration. She is an artist at core and has to express herself on a daily basis. If she has no creative outlet she feels like she has no purpose and she’ll start to panic because Queen of wands people desperately need to care about something. They need to belong to a cause more than they need to belong to places. This is someone who’ll make wonderful friends. They love to shower their loved ones with love, understanding and support. At the same time, they don’t give their whole self away to anyone, they keep their inner self safely tucked away for only themselves to enjoy. You’ll never know exactly what a Queen of wands person is thinking. People often try and figure a Queen of wands person out as they are very mysterious people.

queen of wands tarot card meaning

Queen of wands tarot card meanings reversed

Queen of Wands tarot card reversed indicates intimidation and domination. There is a lack of faith or even worse, faith in black magic and darkness. At worst, Queen of wands denotes someone who has no real friends due to all the drama she creates. There might be constant lying and manipulations. Jealousy and infidelity are also indicated. On a lighter note, Queen of wands shows up reversed when the Seeker needs to renew themselves. Explore the energies of Knight of wands, change up the routine, change residence, and a new group of friends. This change will do the Seeker a world of good when this card shows up reversed.

Personality types in Queen of Wands reversed

Queen of wands tarot card reversed denotes someone with an evil streak. They use their charm to play people against each other, they are compulsive liars and they are often addicted to drama. This is someone with no originality or ideas of their own, and they compensate by being overly loud and animated. They pretend to know about things they have no clue about and they are often left looking stupid and sounding like complete idiots. This is someone with no peace of mind and no substance. They believe themselves to be very smart and clever, but in reality, they are very easy to see through. When cornered they turn into little lambs. They rely on the kindness of others to survive and often use people’s kindness against them. They are always working hard towards ruining other people’s happiness. This is someone who has suffered plenty of setbacks, but they always come back, just like a bad rash.

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Queen of wands:

Queen of wands + The Empress: A beauty brand. Success in branding.

Queen of wands + The Hierophant: A charismatic teacher.

Queen of wands + Judgement: A charismatic politician.

Queen of wands + Five of cups: Learning from past mistakes.

Queen of wands + Page of cups: An art teacher. Art therapy.

Queen of wands + Eight of swords: This card combination can mean you are in the ‘wrong’ crowd. You will be more successful somewhere else. Most likely, your talents will be more appreciated elsewhere.

Queen of wands + Page of swords: Old gifts being awakened. You could also bring to life an old skill that the modern world has forgotten about.

Queen of wands + Nine of pentacles: Reaching your pinnacle and loving life. Emotional strength and maturity.

Queen of wands + Knight of pentacles: Being ‘discovered’ and offered an exciting career opportunity.

Queen of wands + Two of wands: A professor. Intellectual pursuits.

Queen of wands + Three of wands: ‘How to’ books and ‘How to’ tutorials. This card combination can mean you will start your own ‘how to’ brand.

Queen of wands + Ten of wands: Workaholic. Remember you must also have some fun. :)

Queen of wands tarot card meanings summary

Queen of wands tarot card meanings denote branching out and making people noticing you. Queen of wands often shows up in your reading when you want to have your own enterprise. Queen of wands can also signify someone charismatic who inspires you. When Queen of wands tarot card is upright she is the most lovable creature ever! Sideways or reversed she is quite a different story. Due to her passionate nature, she can be your best friend or most dangerous nemesis. Be careful not to get on her bad side as no one can plot revenge like the Queen of wands. In career questions, she turns up when you need to create something of your own; something you don’t have to share. In love, she speaks of someone you are unable to ignore or take your eyes off. When Queen of wands is you it means you are attracting admirers like a moth to a flame.

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12 thoughts on “Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Dear Inger,
    I made a “FEAR spread” because of my inexplicable anxiety.
    I had two questions:
    1.) What are my bigger fears? What kind of things are necessary to face with?
    I got: Queen of Wands reversed, Two of Swords reversed, Four of Cups reversed
    2.) What is the most important mission in the current phase of my life?
    I got: King of Cups and The High Priestess
    What do you think about these cards?
    Thank you in advance for your answer!


  2. Hi, Sofy. Your cards in the number 1 position are showing a lot of social anxiety. Is that what you are struggling with the most? It seems you are fearing low vibrational people and their actions, words etc….In the current phase of your life you are being reminded to keep connected to yourself because your anxiety can only take a hold over you when you are ‘disconnected’ to yourself. I do this prayer command to connect back to self (it is very efficient): To the Creator of All that is: It is my intent and my command to be connected to my myself on a deep level, a soulful connection to my inner being, and I accept, love, and understand myself completely, now, forever, and always, in the highest and best way, thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

    Let me know how you go with the prayer command….:) Lots of love, Ingie

  3. Dear Inger,

    You are so kind to help me with this beautiful prayer. :)
    Yes, that’s true- I am surrounded by energy vampires and my job makes me sad- I can’t do anythning useful here and my boss and colleague makes me exhausted.(This is the first place, where I earn a fair pay. But the circumstances…) And earlier I worked with Tarot to help people, and it was fantastic succesful, but I lost myself halfway… The energy just went, but did not came… I must find my vocation, my mission- for me thats the only way to be happy.
    My birthday card is the Hierophant…
    Thank you!

  4. My queen of wands came up to be horizontal as my first card facing to the east in a celltic cross formation covered by Knight of cups?

  5. When Queen of wands shows up horizontal it can mean you are at bearing the brunt of a manipulator. Knight of cups speaks of someone with great acting talents and this person could be showing you a misrepresentation of who they really are. They do this because they think it is the only way others will accept them.

  6. Hi Ingie,

    What is the meaning of queen of wands from the question, How is my relationship going to be?/How the relationship headed to (in a week)? Thank you for your answer

  7. Hi Ingie! I was asking about a guy a like that I only sort of know but he seems like he likes me too but hasn’t done anything about it. I asked what was it about me that makes him NOT interested and I got the Queen of Wands (or Imps – Halloween deck). When I asked what do I need to change about myself to get him to like me I got the Two of Wands (Imps) and then the Ten of Swords (Bats) fell out of the deck. What does this mean? Do I have a chance with him or no?

  8. Never ask yourself what to change about yourself to make someone else like you. This mindset will make you very vulnerable to abusive people to take advantage of. Like and love yourself and the right person will come along. Queen of wands means you are a charismatic and fun person who most likely have a lot of admirers. Never change to suit someone else when all you can do is to be yourself. :)

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