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ace of wands tarot card meaning

An idea

Ace of Wands Tarot
Card Meanings and Keywords:


A new beginning.

Expanding your potential.

Expressing yourself in a creative way.

Giving your best.

Believing in yourself.

Giving birth to a baby, project or idea.

Potential for greatness.

Moving forward in a happy and healthy way.


Stirring up problems. 


Poor timing.


Symbolism in Ace of Wands tarot card

The hand issuing from the cloud grasping the wand symbolises creation, invention and enterprise at idea level. The leaves carried away with the wind symbolise the wind behind your sails to move forward. The castle symbolises ideas materialised into something physical. The river symbolises flow. The trees and fields symbolise growth and abundance.

Ace of wands tarot card meanings upright

Ace of wands in a general reading

Ace of wands tarot card speaks of new beginnings. Be bold and start something new. Follow your inspiration. Ace of Wands speaks of births of all kinds; the birth of enterprises and job opportunities, and also the birth of a baby. The other cards in the spread will tell you in what area the seeker is experiencing this birth. Ace of Wands tarot card also shows up when there is a great potential, but it is up to you to make this potential a reality.

Ace of wands in a love reading

Ace of wands in a love reading denotes a passionate relationship. If the Seeker is single, Ace of wands speaks of new opportunities presenting themselves in love.

Ace of wands in a career reading

In a career reading, Ace of wands signifies work with technology and tools. Ace of wands also denotes a new and exciting job offer.

Ace of wands as feelings

Ace of wands speaks of feeling motivated and optimistic. If you are asking how someone feels about you, Ace of wands denotes this person feels inspired by you. Ace of wands also indicates a strong physical attraction. Ace of wands can mean you will meet someone who will share your life purpose and you have similar passions in life.

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Personality types in Ace of Wands tarot card

Ace of wands tarot card denotes a very powerful spirit. This is someone who desires success in all areas, and who incorporates creativity and spirituality in all their pursuits. This is someone who makes things happen, often against all odds. No matter how much is stacked up against them, they persevere, often with amazing results. They are very individualistic through and through. This is someone with a sense of wonder and they live life with passion and inspiration. They are full of fresh ideas and don’t hesitate in moving forward.

ace of wands tarot card meaning

An idea

Ace of wands tarot card meanings reversed

Ace of Wands tarot card reversed indicates that new beginnings are blocked. Ideas and enterprises do not take hold and there are little if any growth. Any joy is clouded. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when there are endings rather than beginnings. Rebirth is difficult with the reversed Ace of Wands.

Tip to the reader: When Ace of Wands reversed is showing up in a reading your client might be ‘low’ in spirit. They need to feel more excited about life. Help them find what they are ‘burning’ for. The cards will help you with this as the client might not yet know what this is. 

Personality types in reversed Ace of Wands tarot card

Ace of wands tarot card reversed denotes someone who is hard to get motivated. Their creativity turns into hoarding and there is a mess everywhere. Very little is accomplished, instead more stuff are added to the growing mayhem. There is also a lack of originality. This is someone who copies others and who has little faith in the future. They often yearn back to the past and convince themselves things used to be so much better in the good old days. They need to learn to think outside the box and start appreciating the little things life has got to offer. Ace of wands reversed people want to do everything at once and end up accomplishing little to none instead.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Ace of wands:

Ace of wands + Ace of cups: A new friendship. 

Ace of wands + Four of cups: A new career direction. Searching for something new.

Ace of wands + Eight of cups: A spiritual journey. 

Ace of wands + Knight of cups: A chance meeting. A passionate affair. 

Ace of wands + Ace of swords: A new job opportunity. A new relationship. 

Ace of wands + Six of swords: New science. A new method of thinking. 

Ace of wands + Eight of swords: Knowing what you want but confused about how to get it. 

Ace of wands + Page of swords: A passionate and adventurous person. 

Ace of wands + King of swords: A new boss. A new authority in your life. 

Ace of wands + Ace of pentacles: A new business opportunity. A business plan. 

Ace of wands + Two of pentacles: Working with tools. Job satisfaction. 

Ace of wands + Four of pentacles: Investing in a business. Starting a business. 

Ace of wands + Five of pentacles: Feeling low in spirit. Fatigue. 

Ace of wands + Page of pentacles: Studying something you are passionate about. 

Ace of wands + Knight of pentacles: A new exciting job. 

Ace of wands + Five of wands: Standing out in a positive way. 

Ace of wands + Six of wands: Recognition for your talents. 

Ace of wands + Knight of wands: Moving. Change of residence. 

Ace of wands + Queen of wands: Entrepreneur. 

Ace of wands + The Fool: New technology. Social media. 

Ace of wands + The Magician: A new passion. A new sale opportunity. 

Ace of wands + The Lovers: A new relationship. Falling in love. 

Ace of wands tarot card meanings summary:

Ace of wands tarot card meanings indicates a time of opportunity. Seek and you shall find. There are more to life than what you have thought to believe. An adventure is about to present itself and it might be the ride of your lifetime. Life gives you choices and the choices presented through the Ace of wands are that you can grab the wand or pass it on. Look at the other cards in the spread for advice on what to do. This might be an opportunity you want to grab with both hands.

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