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four of swords tarot card meanings 4 of swords tarot card

Four of Swords Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Peace and quiet. 


Rest. Taking time out.

The end of a conflict.

A place where you can have rest.

A placid and calm nature.

Getting enough sleep.

Finding peace and rejuvenation in a relationship.





Lack of progress.

Symbolism in Four of Swords tarot card

The knight laying on a tomb symbolises rejuvenation. The three swords pointing downwards represent the resolution of the pain seen in three of swords. The horizontal sword represents the term ‘burying of the hatchet’, symbolising past conflicts resolved. The stained glass is decorated with an image of a woman and a child symbolising the birth of new ideas and creativity when the rest period is over.

Four of Swords tarot card and Astrology

Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune) in Libra (Justice)

Four of swords tarot card meanings upright

Four of swords in a general reading

Four of swords tarot card is about rest and rejuvenation, getting enough sleep and taking time out to meditate. Sometimes we only get enough rest when we are forced to take time out, so have a look at the other cards in the spread to see if the rest you are getting is due to lifestyle or due to accumulated stress that has collapsed on itself. This is the card for Time Out, which is sometimes very necessary.

Four of swords in a love reading

In a love reading, Four of swords tarot card can indicate a long-term relationship where the couple has grown to be one person instead of two. If the Seeker is single it can mean he/she is at peace with being on their own and prefer it that way.

Four of swords in a career reading

In a career reading, Four of swords tarot card signifies administration work, legal work, and healthcare worker.

Four of swords as feelings

Four of swords as feelings speaks of the Seeker feeling balanced and peaceful. They have detached from drama and are seeking a more quiet existence. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Four of swords can mean this person feels you are a caring and kind person and this person feels very comfortable around you.

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Personality types in Four of swords tarot card

Four of swords tarot card indicates someone who is calm, non-confrontational and placid. They have learned to get along with almost anyone and make great partners and friends. Few things upset them. In conflicts, they work towards a peaceful resolution that will benefit everyone. They prefer a simple life and avoid busy places and crowds. This is someone who needs peace and quiet to reflect and gather their thoughts. They seek relief from stress and will not function properly without enough sleep. They love taking breaks where they day-dream and ponder about life. They love spiritual activities.

four of swords tarot card meanings


Four of swords tarot card meanings reversed

Four of swords tarot card reversed denotes restlessness and burnouts. Thoughts and beliefs interrupt the person from recuperating. Four of swords reversed sometimes shows up when people have injuries that prevent them from getting comfortable, or the seeker needs constant stimulation to feel at peace. Four of swords reversed can also denote there is a lack of progress in the seeker life. Procrastination is indicated.

Personality types in reversed Four of swords tarot card

Four of swords reversed indicates someone who is unable to relax. There are often problems in personal relationships. They are always very busy but get little done. Their minds are full of clutter which is often mirrored in their homes that are very messy too. They long for a good nights sleep and harmonious relationships. They often settle for far less than they deserve, however, there is not enough clarity in their minds to deal with issues appropriately. Therefore they often end up staying where they are, feeling ill at ease.

Four Of Swords Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Four of swords:

4 of swords + The Magician: Long-term relationship. 

4 of swords + The Empress: A peaceful home. 

4 of swords + The Hierophant: Doing what is expected. 

4 of swords + The Chariot: A quiet achiever. 

4 of swords + The Hermit: Growing old with someone. 

4 of swords + Justice: Seeking extreme balance. 

4 of swords + Hanged Man: Avoiding making a decision. 

4 of swords + Death: Restlessness. 

4 of swords + Judgement: Seeing the truth about people. 

4 of swords + Ace of wands: Focusing on a new beginning. 

4 of swords + Four of wands: A community where everyone knows your name. 

4 of swords + Seven of wands: Healthcare. 

4 of swords + Eight of wands: The internet. Telecom. 

4 of swords + Ten of wands: Night shifts. Shift work. 

4 of swords + Ace of cups: Spiritual healing. 

4 of swords + Two of cups: Finding the one. 

4 of swords + Four of cups: Repeating an old pattern. 

4 of swords + Eight of cups: Retreat. 

4 of swords + Knight of cups: A beautiful mind. 

4 of swords + Queen of cups: Nursing. 

4 of swords + King of cups: Health care expert. 

4 of swords + Ace of pentacles: Your savings. 

4 of swords + Two of pentacles: A hotel. A reception. 

4 of swords + Five of pentacles: The necessities. 

4 of swords + Eight of pentacles: Admin internship. Computer science. 

4 of swords + Page of swords: A natural therapist. Natural therapy. A healer. 

4 of swords + Queen of swords: A professor. Study. 

Four of swords tarot card meanings summary

When Four of swords shows in your cards take a look at the company you keep. You are blessed with someone very special; someone who calms you down to give you peace of mind (if you get Four of swords reversed it is the opposite). Four of swords tarot card meanings often speak of the types of situations where we have the time to create something incredible. It is very hard to create when we are stressed and out of sorts. Being creative takes up a lot of energy; it is hard work! It is the kind of hard work we can only accomplish when we are meditative and calm. Four of swords tarot card denotes such an environment.

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