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ace of swords tarot card meanings


Ace of Swords Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


The intellect.

Making the right decision.

Success and victory.

Mental energy. Ability to concentrate.

Stimulating environment.

Justice and truth.

Cutting through confusion. Seeing clearly what is going on.


Memory loss.

Failure to communicate.


Symbolism in Ace of Swords tarot cards

The upright sword symbolises the intellect. The laurel wreath on the tip of the sword symbolises victory. On the other side of the sword is a palm frond symbolising triumph. The hand and the cloud symbolise divine influence. The crown symbolises absolutes. The six flames is a reference to six of wands, the card for success. The mountain symbolises the cold landscape of the intellect. Ace of swords is a non-emotional tarot card.

Ace of swords tarot card meanings upright

Ace of swords in a general reading

When Ace of Swords tarot card turns up in your cards you are given the tools to cut down rigid structures holding you back. Ace of swords is the tarot card for thoughts and belief systems. It is mental energy used to create new beginnings. In a reading it can denote a breakthrough when it comes to communication, but only if you are brave enough to trust your own better judgement against everyone trying to advise you. Yes, it might feel like you have been banging your head against the wall, but if you use the sword correctly it will get rid of the wall and your ideas can go where they are intended. This Sword is also a Sword for justice. There is room for your truth, beliefs and opinions and there are others out there who think the same way you do, so spend more time with like-minded people. Your mind will thank you for it. Ace of swords tarot card often shows up when the Seeker start to think for themselves. 

Ace of swords in a love reading

In a love reading, Ace of swords tarot card denotes the Seeker has very high ideal when it comes to relationships, and communication is the most important thing to them. They need to feel they have an intellectual connection with their partner, or the relationship can quickly begin to suffer. If the seeker is single, Ace of swords can mean meeting someone you are very compatible with intellectually.

Ace of swords in a career reading

In a career reading, Ace of swords tarot card signifies intellectual work, legal work,  the army, and police work. 

Ace of swords as feelings

Ace of swords as feelings can mean the Seeker is seeking intellectual understanding to their feelings. The seeker has most likely processed a lot of emotions and is now in a good place emotionally. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Ace of swords can mean this person feels he/she is very compatible with you intellectually.

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Personality types in Ace of swords tarot card

Ace of swords tarot card indicates someone who is very clever and full of ideas. They are very innovative and clever people and they do best with intellectual activities. They use the power of their minds to achieve what they want and need. This is someone who will apply reason and intellect to confront issues occurring in their lives. They have great literacy skill and rarely lose an argument or discussion. This is someone who is very competitive and will not let go of their position easily. They love taking risks. They become experts in their fields of work. A part of them are very restless and they need to be constantly stimulated. Sometimes they get lost in their heads and need to be grounded.

ace of swords tarot card meanings


Ace of swords tarot card meanings reversed

Ace of Swords tarot card reversed indicates that the stirring of the ace is blocked. Ideas are unable to come into being. There might be memory loss and issues with concentration. The Seeker might find it hard to get any points across. While Ace of swords is all about the truth and facts, so the reversed Ace of swords tarot card is about lies and betrayal. There is little justice and no truth is coming out. This card sometimes shows up when the Seeker has to be careful with what words to use, as their words can be used against them.

Personality types in reversed Ace of swords tarot cards

Ace of swords tarot card reversed indicates someone who wants to create a conflict out of nothing. They make claims without having any of the facts to back them up. Ace of swords tarot card reversed indicates someone who is both misleading and is misleading others. There might be a problem with brainwashing and mind control. There is no logic, no reason, no common sense, just a lot of nonsense coming from ace of swords reversed people. They are at times vulgar and ostentatious, other times overly introverted and non-compliant.

Ace Of Swords Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Ace of swords:

Ace of swords + Ace of pentacles: Lack of support. Loss of income. (The reason for this is that the aces are the purest form of the elements they represents. Ace of swords is the intellect and Ace of pentacles is the physical. Air and Earth together are like wind and paper money, and it can mean a time where the seeker feels that money is slipping through their fingers. Air and Earth when they come together can also make the seeker feel ungrounded and dissatisfied with the status quo. They want a new path and while they are in this transition, they often feel they don’t fit in. They can feel there is a lack of support and lack of substance in their relationships. While they are searching, they are often taking time off work, and/or cutting back on work, to carve out a new path for themselves. This is the seeker in transition). 

Ace of swords + Two of pentacles: Literary talents. 

Ace of swords + Three of pentacles: A competitive team. Intellectual work. 

Ace of swords + Four of pentacles: Financial victory. Upper-class society. 

Ace of swords + Five of pentacles: Difficulties concentrating. 

Ace of swords + Seven of pentacles: Lack of job satisfaction. Needing more stimulating work. 

Ace of swords + Eight of pentacles: New workplace policies. 

Ace of swords + Ace of cups: Spiritual love. Falling in love with someone’s mind. 

Ace of swords + Two of cups: An opinionated relationship. 

Ace of swords + Three of cups: Victory in social settings. Knowing the right people to get what you want. 

Ace of swords + Five of cups: Breakdown in communication. 

Ace of swords + Six of cups: Discipline. 

Ace of swords + Nine of cups: Reaching your highest potential. 

Ace of swords + Ten of cups: Demanding perfection. 

Ace of swords + Knight of cups: Persuasion. 

Ace of swords + Ace of wands: Passion. A new job or relationship based on your passion. 

Ace of swords + Two of wands: Mind of matter. Victory due to strong-mindedness. 

Ace of swords + Three of wands: Learning a new language. 

Ace of swords + Eight of wands: Music. Learning to play music. 

Ace of swords + Nine of wands: Victory against the odds. 

Ace of swords + Ten of wands: Mentally hard work. 

Ace of swords + Page of wands: A strong personality. Acting talent. 

Ace of swords + Queen of wands: A demanding person. 

Ace of swords + King of wands: An opinionated leader. 

Ace of swords + Two of swords: The world of logic and reason. Non-emotional issues. 

Ace of swords + Three of swords: Differences in opinion. 

Ace of swords + Four of swords: Rest and meditation. 

Ace of swords + Ten of swords: Choosing to end something. 

Ace of swords + Page of swords: A mental test. A quiz. 

Ace of swords + King of swords: Victory in the intellectual world. 

Ace of swords + The Fool: Learning new technology. Newly graduating. 

Ace of swords + The High Priestess: Detective work. Reading. Studying. Researching. 

Ace of swords + The Hierophant: Bookkeeping. Accounting. A new school. 

Ace of swords + Judgement: Politics. Solving a mental problem. 

Ace of swords + The World: A mental challenge. 

Ace of swords tarot card meanings summary

Ace of swords tarot card meanings denote mental energy and being mentally stimulated. It is a great card if you want to learn a new skill that stimulates your brain power. Ace of swords is a tarot card that brings clarity and it gets rid of confusion. Sometimes we spend time with people who differ from our own belief -and value systems. The Ace of swords tarot card gives you the discernment between what you believe in and what are the beliefs of others. Ace of swords provides you with a strength of character needed to succeed against all odds.

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