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page of pentacles tarot card meanings page of pentacles tarot card

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Being physically attractive.

Taking care of how you look and present yourself.

Reinventing yourself.

Starting something new.


Working towards a goal.

Being practical. Following the rules.


Wasting time and talents.

Intellectual snobbery.

Caring too much about things and money. 

Symbolism in Page of Pentacles tarot card

The open green field symbolises the opportunity to grow. The trees in the background symbolise support. The mountain symbolises learning and growth. The young man is looking at the pentacle in his raised hands symbolising diligence. The bright sky symbolises wellness and tranquility.

Page of pentacles tarot card meanings upright

Page of pentacles in general questions

Page of pentacles tarot card indicates reinventing yourself in some way. It often denotes an opportunity to start something new, whether it is a creative venture, studying, business or a new job offer. Page of pentacles is not yet an expert in the field of choice but has a clear goal and dream to achieve. If you draw Page of pentacles you will get a chance to make your dream a reality, but you must put in the work and you must learn what is acquired to fulfil this goal. You might feel there are a lot of possibilities, but little support behind you. You are enchanted with the idea rather than getting on with the practical aspect of actual living it as it means a lot of work, and you might not yet be ready for that. Just remember not to let your insecurities rule you, you will need to gain experience somehow, so why not just do it now?

Page of pentacles in a love reading

In a love reading Page of pentacles tarot card often means someone wants to be with you due to the way you look, not because of who you are. If in a relationship the Seeker might feel the pressure to always look their best or their partner will lose interest. Page of pentacles can also mean that the Seeker will find love at a seminar,  at university or through a health club.

Page of pentacles in a career reading

In a career reading Page of pentacles tarot card can mean the Seeker still has a lot to learn before they experience success. Page of pentacles denotes entry jobs, students, and interns.

Page of pentacles as feelings

Page of pentacles as feelings denotes the seeker is feeling beautiful. There could also be a lot of pressure on the seeker at the moment to look a certain way, and the seeker feels they must put a lot of effort into how they look. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Page of pentacles can mean this person feels you are very beautiful and this person could be falling in love with your looks. Make sure this person also likes you for you.

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Personality types in Page of pentacles tarot card

Page of pentacles tarot card is someone interested in education and learning. When they learn they feel alive and some become eternal students, never leaving the comfort of being a student. They must learn to apply their knowledge in a practical way. They love the finer things in life and are quite enchanted with life. They don’t like it if things get too serious, they much rather play than work. Page of pentacles people often get recognised for how they look, not for what they know.

page of pentacles tarot card meanings

Page of pentacles tarot card meanings reversed

Page of Pentacles tarot card reversed indicates issues with learning and problems with studies. It denotes wasted talents, unrealistic ambitions and/or intellectual snobbery. It also indicates a person who cares too much about money, who only pays his share and is overly protective of his property. This is someone very unhelpful. If not a person, page of pentacles tarot card reversed can stand for bad news in regards to money, business and health.

Personality types in reversed Page of pentacles tarot card

Page of pentacles reversed is someone who feels deprived, unsuccessful and frustrated with the lack of support in their lives. When this card shows up reversed it indicates someone who is immature in the way their approach situations. They do their best at avoiding the harsher realities of life. Sometimes they get bitter and feel like the whole world is against them. They don’t communicate clearly and thing people should understand them better.

Page of pentacles tarot card meanings summary

A young (at heart) studious person is portrayed in Page of pentacles tarot card. As in all the pages; Page of pentacles speaks of early stages of a project/plan/enterprise. You will need the support of others to reach your goals, or you might get delayed. There is a renewal in health and vitality denoted by this card. Page of pentacles shows up when the Seeker gets recognised for their appearance and not for what they know. 

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