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ten of cups tarot card meanings 10 of cups tarot card

Ten of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:



Spiritual truth.

Well-being. Experiencing good fortune.

Counting your blessings and feeling grateful.

Spiritual connection in your relationships.

Being aligned with your true nature. Idealistic values.

A happy ending. Having it all.

Being in the best relationship you have ever experienced.



Disruption in harmony.

Hidden agendas.

Symbolism in Ten of Cups tarot card

The ten cups in the shape of a rainbow symbolise peace and good fortune. The house is the family home and symbolises security. The green fields and trees symbolise fertility. The river symbolises the flow of love. The couple has their hands in the air symbolising gratitude. The children symbolise playfulness and creativity.

Ten of cups tarot card and Astrology

Mars (Tower) in Pisces (Moon).

Ten of cups tarot card meanings upright

Ten of cups in a general reading

Ten of cups is the tarot card for total spiritual bliss experienced in your relationships, home and family life. Ten of cups is about being in alignment with your true nature and everything in your life being in harmony with your higher self and purpose. Ten of cups is the tarot card for perfection and high achievements. Sometimes you will have to allow yourself to be ‘human’ and to have imperfections, as those are the qualities that make you ‘real’ and lovable.

Ten of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Ten of cups tarot card denotes a relationship that will be the best you have ever experienced, much due to the spiritual connection and level of perfection in your compatibility. If single, Ten of cups can mean the Seeker is waiting for the perfect partner, and will not settle for anything less.

Ten of cups in a career reading

In a career reading, Ten of cups tarot card denotes careers in the public eye, creative jobs, and property investments. Ten of cups in a career reading can also mean the Seeker has found the perfect job.

Ten of cups as Feelings

Ten of cups speaks of spiritual bliss and serenity. The Seeker feels at peace with their lives and the decisions that have been made. If you ask how someone feels about you, ten of cups speaks of the person feeling a spiritual connection with you. If you are in a relationship, this person might feel you are the perfect partner and the relationship is perfect. Ten of cups denotes feeling happy ever after.

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Personality types in Ten of Cups tarot card

Ten of cups tarot card is someone very spiritual and positive, but with a tendency to needing everything to be perfect so that they can stay in their blissful state. They work hard towards making others happy so that their own happiness can stay untainted. Ten of cups people need to have it all, the perfect family, house, job and relationship, and staying on top of everything can be hard work indeed. They believe in happily ever after, and will not give up until they have found the life that they are after. This is someone who is seeking a stress-free and harmonious life. They don’t deal with toxic people and conflict very well and disassociate themselves from situations that threaten their heaven on earth. This can turn life into a very limited experience and they must allow themselves to get a bit dirty without feeling they are no longer a spiritual being. Behind a seemingly perfect facade lurks hidden hostility and manipulation the Ten of cups person find hard to deal with. They have strong and idealistic values and they are very romantic. Ten of cups people tend to idealise everything, especially their kids and partners who they put on pedestals.

ten of cups tarot card meanings


Ten of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Ten of Cups tarot card meanings reversed indicates a disruption in the harmony, something or someone is making it hard to maintain the love. The seeker might be pretending everything is still wonderful in the hope that it will continue forever. Maintaining happiness takes a lot of effort and in the end, it takes too much work and the cups spills out the joy and happiness. The moral of ten of cups reversed is that less is sometimes more. The harder we try, the less we accomplish.

Personality types in reversed Ten of Cups tarot card

Ten of cups tarot card reversed is someone whose pursuit of happiness has left them unhappy and unfulfilled. They are lonely people who through their own high standards became too hard to please. They are hard work and they can not be trusted. Ten of cups reversed people tend to manipulate and have hidden agendas. They often force their ideals onto others. They never compromise. When they achieve their ideals they find them empty and unsatisfying. Living the dream has become a nightmare and their personal heaven has become a personal hell instead. They have trapped themselves. They want to be happy and need to execute total control on their environment to contain their happiness. However happiness is not something that can be controlled nor can it be contained, and if they were spiritual they would understand this. They need to love more unconditionally. Ten of cups reversed people have a tendency to think that they are perfect and that they have nothing to work on. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ten Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Ten of cups:

10 of cups + The High Priestess: A grandmother. 

10 of cups + The Empress: A happy mother. 

10 of cups + The Emperor: A spiritual organisation, could be a successful charity. 

10 of cups + The Hierophant: A family oriented business/organisation. This could mean homeschooling. 

10 of cups + The Lovers: A blissful time in your relationship. 

10 of cups + Chariot: Love conquers all. 

10 of cups + The Hermit: A grandfather. 

10 of cups + The Wheel of Fortune: A fortunate family. 

10 of cups + The Moon: Unable to communicate real feelings. 

10 of cups + The Sun: A happy childhood. 

10 of cups + Ace of wands: A happy pregnancy. 

10 of cups + Four of wands: A happy community. 

10 of cups +Six of wands: Being appreciated for who you are. 

10 of cups + Queen of wands: A spiritual entrepreneur. 

10 of cups + Ace of swords: Sticking together brings success. 

10 of cups + Four of swords: Recouping with family. A spiritual retreat. 

10 of cups + Seven of swords: Emotional marketing. 

10 of cups + Page of swords: A confident person. 

10 of cups + Queen of swords: A perfectionist. 

10 of cups + Three of pentacles: Loving the people you work with. 

10 of cups + Four of pentacles: Family security. 

10 of cups + Six of pentacles: Creative talent. 

10 of cups + Eight of pentacles: Nourishing your soul with learning. 

10 of cups + King of pentacles: Being well respected. 

10 of cups + Two of cups: Falling back in love with your partner. 

10 of cups + Three of cups: A family celebration. 

10 of cups + Five of cups: Feeling trapped in a secure relationship. 

10 of cups + Six of cups: Wishing you were a child again. 

10 of cups + Page of cups: A loved child. The baby in the family. 

10 of cups + Knight of cups: Your sibling. 

10 of cups + Queen of cups: Your mother. 

10 of cups + King of cups: Your father. 

Ten of cups tarot card meanings summary

Ten of cups tarot card denotes spiritual bliss, happiness and perfect memories in the making. There is a renewal happening in your life. Your outer life might not seem to change, but there are inner changes occurring that soon filter through every part of your life. Ten of cups speaks of positive transformation through inner peace and serenity. 

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