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queen of swords tarot card meanings queen of swords tarot card

Queen of Swords Tarot Card meaning and keywords:


Cynical and cold. Impractical high ideals.

Intelligent and clear in her dealings.

Witty and smart.


Career oriented.

Often hurt in love.

Well organised.




Lack of compassion.

Problems with phones, emails. Language barrier. 

Symbolism in Queen of Swords tarot card

The clouds symbolise mental challenges. The woman’s head is above the clouds symbolising her intellect rising above these challenges. Her sword is in her right hand pointing upwards symbolising her clarity. The bird above her head symbolises the mind’s ability to find solutions to problems. Her left hand extended is symbolising her ability to offer clear advice. Her throne is decorated with an image of a winged child, a pair of moons and butterflies. The winged child symbolises blessings, the moons symbolise intuition and the butterflies symbolise transformation. Her butterfly crown symbolises her intellect’s ability to adapt to any situation. Her cloak decorated in clouds symbolises changes. The red tassels on her sleeves symbolise passion. Her white gown symbolises purity.

Queen of swords tarot card meanings upright

Queen of swords in a general question

Queen of Swords tarot card denotes a person who is cold, professional and smart. Queen of swords is witty and funny in an intelligent way (no toilet humour). She often represents single people who have been hurt in love, and are bitter and hurt, but good at covering it up. Queen of swords is career oriented. Queen of swords is intellect oriented, rather than feeling oriented. In situations, Queen of swords tarot card describes an emotionally cold and well organised (sometimes controlling) environment. Staying professional is a must. You might feel you are under scrutiny and all eyes are on you. Follow the rules, there is not much room for  artistic interpretations when the Queen of swords describes a situation.

Queen of swords in a love reading

In a love reading, Queen of swords signifies difficulties in letting the wall come down.  Queen of swords can indicate the Seeker is his/her own worst enemy in personal relationships. This is someone who needs to be loved but is pushing everyone away.

Queen of swords in a career reading

In a career reading, Queen of swords tarot card signifies intellectual work; lecturer, professor, manager, coordinator.

Queen of Swords as Feelings

Queen of swords as feelings denotes the Seeker feels they always have to be strong, even when they don’t want to. They want to let their guard down and be vulnerable, but life has taught them that this can lead to a lot of heartaches. Heartache the Seeker no longer can endure. Queen of swords speaks of the inability to let someone love you completely, and the withholding of affection. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, Queen of swords can mean this person is afraid of love and they don’t know how to let their guard down to let you in. There is a battle going on within this person who wants to love, but instead, escapes in their heads to avoid feeling.

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Personality types in Queen of Swords tarot card

Queen of swords tarot card indicates someone mature, intelligent and independent. It is something very classy about Queen of swords people and others are instinctively on their best behaviour around them. Queen of swords tolerates no nonsense, and certainly no bottom of barrel journalism. Queen of swords is sometimes more interested in finding out if other people are doing the right thing than if they are themselves doing what is right. This is someone who puts people on the spot and makes people feel they are under scrutiny. Queen of swords people needs to be at the top end of society and in organisations to feel comfortable. They are often very educated. They believe in social justice and fight honourable causes (without getting their hands dirty). They excel at organisational activities where they can oversee rather than being hands on. They are very convincing people and do excellent in politics. They have a brilliant sense of humour and are irresistible once they turn on their charm. This is someone who has acquired broad and varied life experiences. They are courageous, cool, calm and collected. They also know they are smarter than most people.

queen of swords tarot card meanings


Queen of swords tarot card meanings reversed

Queen of Swords tarot card reversed indicates issues with problem solving and communication. Queen of swords reversed can denote accusations being made without facts being checked. There are also problems with reading emails and answering phone calls. These problems can be exterior, like problems with computers and phones, as well as language barriers. Sometimes this card shows up reversed when the Seeker feels misunderstood or are misunderstanding everyone else. The Seeker might not feel very connected and is overly emotional as a result. Queen of swords tarot card often shows up reversed when the Seeker needs to be more forgiving. Queen of swords tarot card can also signify someone who is going through a bitter divorce.

Personality types in reversed Queen of Swords tarot card

At worst, Queen of swords tarot card reversed indicates someone with a ruthless tendency. They have little to no compassion for others. They often jump down other’s throat, accusing them of all sorts, without the facts to back up their claims. They rarely investigate facts and are always jumping to conclusions. They are cold-blooded, cold-hearted and harsh. They know how to give you a convincing smile, however, their dead-cold eyes always give them away. This is someone who needs to figure out what they want and how to take appropriate actions. They need to get out of their heads and connect to their hearts. Queen of swords reversed is someone who hasn’t felt anything in a very long time. They need to take a step back and enter into the energy of Knight of swords, who often describes who they were as children or young adults before bitterness ruined them.

Queen of swords tarot card meanings

Queen of swords tarot card is the most demanding of all the court cards, even more so than King of swords. Queen of swords can often be unreasonable, and many find themselves tip-toeing around her in fear of setting her off. Queen of swords can represent both a male/female, adult/child. The energy of Queen of swords is that she makes others feel uneasy. Queen of swords often rely on others too much, and can become a parasitic energy in your life. Queen of swords can take over your life in a way you might not even notice in the beginning. Her words are harsh. Don’t take it personally. Of all the Queens; Queen of swords is the most damaged, especially if she shows up reversed. 

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