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seven of wands tarot card meanings 7 of wands

Seven of Wands Tarot
Card Meanings and Keywords


Being in the advantage position.

Being a chameleon.

Being defensive.

Putting up boundaries.

Being a teacher or public speaker.

Being overwhelmed by too much attention.

Getting what you want, and then not wanting it anymore.

Saying No to others.


Alienating others.

A losing battle.

Being your own worst enemy.

Symbolism in Seven of Wands tarot card

The man holding his wand in a defensive position symbolises taking a stand. The high ground he stands on symbolises being in the advantage position. His green tunic symbolises ambition. The clear sky symbolises there are little or no real obstacles or threats to the seeker. The man is wearing mismatched footwear, symbolising the man’s ability to adapt. He is uneasy in his position, symbolising he has not yet decided what actions and/or path to take.

Seven of Wands tarot card and Astrology

Mars (Tower) in Leo (Strength).

Seven of wands tarot card meanings upright

Seven of wands in a general question

Seven of Wands tarot card denotes being defensive and putting up barriers and boundaries. You are protecting your point of view and your position. You have the advantage position. People might find it hard to get close to you when this card shows up. In a business question, you might have a too tight niche of customers you want to serve, and you might have to broaden your customer platform. This card can also be an indication of how you handle being in demand, as the person in the picture is a bit overwhelmed by the attention he is getting. Seven of wands tarot card also shows up when the Seeker is guided to teach.

Seven of wands in a love reading

In a love reading, Seven of wands tarot card often means the Seeker is afraid to get hurt and is putting up walls.

Seven of wands in a career reading

In a career question, Seven of wands tarot card signifies careers in teaching, politics and management. Seven of wands can also mean the Seeker feels a lack of support in the workplace, and they are dealing with all the demands on their own.

Seven of wands as Feelings

Seven of wands as feelings denotes the Seeker feels defensive. The Seeker could also be feeling at odds with his/hers peers. The Seeker has a message to convey and knows it will stir up some controversy. If you are asking how someone feels about you, Seven of wands can mean they feel the need to assert themselves to get their point of views across. They could also be feeling a bit misunderstood. Spiritual maturity is being developed.

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Personality types in Seven of Wands tarot card

Seven of wands tarot card people is someone who stands up for what they believe in, and their opinions often put them in the minority. They have a sound knowledge to back up their beliefs and they fight ignorance in others by teaching them. They have strong determination and make great advocates, especially for severely vulnerable people who depend on a social system for survival. They also make great teachers and believe in a fair and just society. This is someone who is smarter than the average person and is therefore in an advantage position. They have more knowledge and skill than the next man so they can handle more stress and opposition. They need to learn to choose their battles more wisely.

seven of wands tarot card meaning

Seven of wands tarot card meanings reversed

Seven of Wands tarot card reversed indicates an inability to hold your ground, especially if it is not popular. There is a lack of defending oneself. The beliefs and actions that should make changes are instead not going anywhere. Embarrassments and anxiety are indicated. This card also shows up reversed when there is strong opposition from subordinates. There might be a fear of authorities. Seven of wands reversed can also mean the Seeker is fighting a losing battle.

Personality types in reversed Seven of Wands tarot card

This is someone who is pushing so hard to get their points across that they are losing credibility. The causes they follow are often long-lost and they have little facts to back up their claims. Seven of wands reversed people often bring out the worst in others. Their sex drive is often in overdrive and they recklessly seek pleasurable distractions. This is someone who needs stronger boundaries. They often end up with several divorces and numerous of children to their ex-partners. They also have a tendency to lose their job, alienating their friends and family, and getting themselves into trouble. They are their own worst enemy.

Seven Of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Seven of wands:

7 of wands + The Fool: University. Lecturing. 

7 of wands + The Emperor: Standing up against authority. 

7 of wands + The Hierophant: Opposition to group consciousness.

7 of wands + Strength: Protecting animals. Activism. 

7 of wands + Wheel of fortune: Protecting your long-term investments. 

7 of wands + The Hanged Man: Observing and bidding your time. Researching. 

7 of wands + The Temperance: Management. 

7 of wands + The World: Challenges. 

7 of wands + Three of cups: Taking a break from friends. 

7 of wands + Five of cups: Covering your tracks. 

7 of wands + Eight of cups: Walking away from stress. 

7 of wands + Ten of cups: Protecting your sacred space. 

7 of wands + Queen of cups: Spiritual teacher. 

7 of wands + King of cups: Philosopher. 

7 of wands + Ace of pentacles: More responsibility at work. 

7 of wands + Four of pentacles: Protecting your money. 

7 of wands + Six of pentacles: Confusion about how to apply oneself. 

7 of wands + Knight of pentacles: Being an all-rounder at work. 

7 of wands + Queen of pentacles: Protecting your home. Putting your family first. 

7 of wands + King of pentacles: Protecting your business. 

7 of wands + Two of swords: Avoiding making decisions. 

7 of wands + Three of swords: Getting hurt easily. 

7 of wands + Five of swords: Being surrounded by enemies. 

7 of wands + Knight of swords: Standing up for your beliefs. Fighting for what you believe in. 

7 of wands + Queen of swords: A coordinator. 

7 of wands + Two of wands: Waiting until the last minute before making a decision. 

7 of wands + Eight of wands: Trying to slow things now. 

7 of wands + Nine of wands: Getting what you want but at a price. 

7 of wands + Page of wands: Attention seeker. Negative attention. 

Seven of wands tarot card meanings

Seven of wands tarot card meanings denote being in the advantage position. People are starting to see you as an authority, whether you are one or not, and it seems you suddenly have a lot to defend. Joining the crowd is no option, you want to be an individual. Let people know what you are about, and stay proud even if they disapprove. You are here to teach something. Focus on you those who want to learn. 

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42 thoughts on “Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hi Inger, what would 7 of wands and 9 of wands(both reversed) mean as an outcome in marriage? Where’s husband is nine of pentacles and devil, both reversed, and I’m knave of pentacles and Sun, both upright.. Thank you very much for your time and response!

  2. Dear Inger,
    what would seven of wands whit page of cups mean in a creative cooperations future?
    we are a writer group, but we have a difficult relationship (attraction, maybe love, but he is married…) i wanted to know, whats the future of our common “child”.

    (sorry for my english, i’m hungarian :) )

  3. Hi Vica. The difficult relationship shows up in the cards in the suits as well as wands and cups tend to weaken each other: If this is going to be a successful cooperation you both will need strong boundaries with each other, or it can become very messy which often tends to negatively affect projects. If you have feelings for him maybe it is best to work elsewhere? It can save you lots of heartache in the future.

  4. Hi Inger,
    thanks for the answer.
    We are more, than friends…(And he has a marriage crisis-they dont love each other, but the kids, but the desperation: tipical :/ ) And there are intellectual, spiritual and sexual attraction between us. But, the most important is our literrary workshop- i gave its name, we begin it together, it begins to grow-it would be hard to step out-writing is my life.
    The feelings make our work more difficult, and more frutiful at the same time.
    (for information- The full spread was:
    Our relationship now: Ace of cups
    What will it grow for: Justice
    His feelings, how he sees me,what he thinks: Seven of cups
    Advice for me(make it or break it): Judgment
    His marriage”s future: The Lovers and Seven of pentacles
    Will they ever divorce: Page of wands
    the future of our common work: seven of wands and page of cups
    plus extra- the message of the cards: Sun)

  5. Hello Inger,
    I just started learning tarot so I’m still not sure if I’m reading my cards right.
    I was on an online relationship with a guy and our first encounter did not end up well. We decided to give it another try, but I feel I don’t have he’s absolute atention anymore.
    What would “Seven of Wands Reversed + 10 of Cups” mean in this situation?
    Thank You! :)

  6. Hi Ella. Welcome to the World of Tarot :). Seven of wands reversed with Ten of cups can be an indication that one of you have issues with confidence and problems with letting the wall come down. Fear of rejection and abandonment are often at the core….take a step back and enter into the energy of Six of wands which is about feeling good about who you are regardless of what others thinks. Basically I believe the cards are telling you to keep focusing on yourself, do the things that make you feel good about yourself and your life, and if the guy is meant to be in your life he will be. Cheers, Inger

  7. Hello Inger :)
    I absolutely love what you do and I hope to be as good as you some day. I always come here for info. What could seven of wands+four of wands + the sun mean for how he feels about me? I’m thinking he has very good deep romantic feelings but is fighting them because he doesn’t want to be hurt?? Thank you for your time.

  8. Or maybe the seven of wands+four of wands+the sun means he has very good deep romantic feelings and is willing to fight for me?? I think I like this better lol

  9. Hello,

    I am searching through the web for the explanation of 2 cards and i cant seem to find one that wouldnt leave me completely confused. Could you help me, please? I was involved in a relationship that has recently ended (he left me) and i threw 2 cards to see wether or not we are coming back together. The result was 7 of wands and lovers. What do you think that means? I appreciate your contribution :)

  10. Hi Inger. What is the significance of 7 wands with 8 swords in asking about a man I knew a long time ago and want to see again

  11. This card combination, I believe, is talking about your own doubts about seeking contact. I feel there is a lot of changes occurring around you at this time, and this card combination can mean there is some confusion in how to proceed in general. The cards are letting you know that you can trust yourself more and also to have discernment with those around you who are telling you what to do, as you already have the answers within you, and all you have to do is to listen to your own inner voice.

  12. May I ask what it means when I approach a yes/no tarot about whether or not I would regret leaving a relationship I have a great deal invested in on every level but that I am worried about moving forward with and the taro`s answer is ‘yes’ (I will regret leaving it) and yet it gives me the Sun card? I felt confused. Thank you so much for your input


  13. Hi, Charlotte. When it comes to big life changing questions like this, I would do a numerology analysis on your numbers and find out if perhaps you are in a challenging year cycle to each other. I would also investigate with the different choices spread. You lay out the cards per choice, so 1 choice if you stay, 2nd choice if you leave, and you can see how the different choices affects your life: Card 1: Lessons I will learn from making this choice

    Card 2: Positives about this choice

    Card 3: Negatives about this choice

    Card 4: How this choice will affect me most

    Card 5: Future location (where you will end up geographically) if making this choice

    Card 6: Friends and potential love connections if I make this choice

    Card 7: Spiritual growth if I make this choice

    Card 8: Career goals achieved if I make this choice

    Card 9: Family influences if I make this choice

    Card 10+11+12: Final outcome if I make this choice

    Compare the different choices before making them. Which one has the best result for you?

    Then finally, I would do the soulmate meditation. If your current partner is your soulmate, the relationship will improve.

    Let me know how you go :)

  14. Hello
    My name is Sybella and I randomly did a three card reading for my guide to communicate with me. I was asking about love having been single for years.
    I got the lovers ten of swords and 9 of cups
    been confused I picked another three and got King of swords, The Sun and 7 of wands
    I would say my wish is coming true but I will meet this man whilst in a difficult situation
    I have no idea about the next line though
    Can you help?

  15. Hi, Sybella. I love the cards you are getting. I believe they speak of you meeting your soulmate. Ten of swords often shows up when something is coming to an end, so it could be the end of being single. King of swords and the Sun are great cards to get. 7 of wands can mean that you will get a bit overwhelmed by all the strong emotions, and you try and protect yourself :) This could also be what the 10 of swords mean. It could be that you will meet your soulmate, and feel a bit vulnerable with the new emotional state :)

  16. Hello lovely Inger, within feelings of how one feels for each other , what would 7 of wands and 5 of cups mean as feelings ?

    He is in a relationship and I think he thinks I’m engaged to another .,,and he lives in another state, but has had troubles with his relationship and always comes to me for comfort and love lol. One of those guys ..

  17. Hi, Sandy. These cards can mean you should be on the look out for a new relationship as this connection can lead to a lot of heart ache.
    Send your prayers out to the universe to bring in your Highest and best, most compatible soulmate, and this person will be able to connect with you. Don’t waste your energy on this relationship as it does not seem to be a fruitful one.

  18. Hi Inger,
    May I have your thoughts please? Regarding feelings I asked the cards “how he feels about me now”
    I was seeing this man years ago but he moved in another state and he moved on , we kind of kept in touch , talking about “our good times” and he had come back to me because his serious girlfriend was being horrible to him, then he stopped talking to me cause they worked it out so I moved and told him how much he hurt me by not telling me that he went back with her .
    Months after that , he found out I was engaged and he tried to friend me on Facebook. I declined of course . So I pulled the cards asking how he feels about the situation on Facebook and me and received the 7 wands and 5 cups .
    To me I got a ego boost thinking he regrets not asking me out sooner but the 7 of wands gets me. I don’t understand why everyone is saying it’s a defensive card. So this is why I’m confused with this combination..

  19. Seven of wands denote to have strong boundaries with this person how is not being sincere with you. If you ask him if he is ready to leave his past behind to be with you, and are you willing to do the same? Basically, do you want to be together or not. That is what the Seven of wands is telling you. :)
    Cheers, Ingie

  20. Hi dear for me the relationship card is seven of wands and eight of wands we are not talking to each other from last 3yrs wat does it mean. ..pls help

  21. Hi there. Curious I don’t you have any insight into this… after several months of hardship with someone in my life, I was made to believe that my mistake ended our connection and made us go our separate ways. I asked my cards if the separation was, in fact, my fault. The 7 of wands fell as I shuffled. I put it back and shuffled some more, only to inexplicably pull the 7 of wands again. So, simply put, is the separation my fault?

    Thanks in advance :)

  22. Hi Inger,
    I’m having trouble understanding a reading I just did. I asked about my future w a guy I suspect is my twin flame (as he keeps appearing in dreams even though we’re not in each other’s lives). I pulled seven of wands, the lovers and queen of cups. I’m confused about what these cards mean combined.
    Thanks for any help!

  23. Hi inger!
    I had a question concerning how other cards interact with this one. I asked about the future of me and someone I suspect is my twin flame (who keeps coming to me in my dreams although we’re not involved in each other’s lives). And I got seven of wands, the lovers and queen of cups (in that order) Do you know what this could mean?
    Thanks in advance! ☺️

  24. Hi, Rosa. You have a strong psychic connection with this person. You could be feeling this person is unavailable, which is why you got the 7 of wands card. This person could be coming back into your life, however, the cards are not saying necessarily it will be a relationship. I feel this person could be playing around a little bit and is not yet ready to settle down.

  25. There is a connection between you, and this card combination speaks of this. They say he is a bit scared of commitment and this is why he is not in your life, but still appears in your dreams.

  26. Hi Inger,

    I have a interpretation question that I hope you can help me with.

    THe overall month, I got the Temperance card but the clarifying cards were:

    High Priestess reversed
    7 of Wands

    I thank you for helping us with these interpretations. You’ve been spot on and they help guide us to know what to expect to deal with!

  27. Hi Inger! I wanted to know what is combination of the seven of wands, justice, and temperance in a love reading. I asked is this person my soulmate.

  28. Hello Inger, I just found your sight and was hoping that you could help me with a Tarot combination my husband and I of 9 years.

    As I shuffled the lovers card fell out twice, and then came the 3 of swords,7 of cups, and 7 of wands

  29. Hi, Karla. This card combination speaks of the fear of getting hurt and maybe you are both scared and you could be escaping intimacy (intimate conversations etc) because you are fear of basically getting your heart’s broken. 3 of swords shows up when you need to have more heart to heart. There is a spiritual connection between you and when you focus on your spiritual connection, everything will improve in your relationship.

  30. Thank you.
    After I read this, I thought of how we could group more intimately spiritually and I pulled a 4 of wands and knight of cups

    I am usually very intuitive, if someone ask me things I can tell them no problem. But when it comes to my husband, it is very difficult ?

  31. Thank you,
    After reading this interpretation I feel grateful, and I went to the deck for a clarifier and the 4 of wands and knight of cups popped out and I read but would like deeper insite if you don’t mind.

    Usually I am very intuitive, if anyone asks me a question I am very clear, however when it comes to my guy I feel cloudy…

    Please help

  32. Hi, Karla. There is some old pain that is causing some confusion in your communication with each other. 4 of wands next to knight of cups can mean you need to find something you both can share as a passion/interest, and I feel you will be doing trips/journeys together and connecting with different communities and you will learn a lot. There is a renewal happening in your relationship.

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