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page of wands tarot card meanings page of wands tarot card

Page of Wands Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Passion and determination.

Attention seeking individual.

Can be a drama queen.

Messages of all kind; texts, phone calls, emails.

Receiving news.

Chasing adventures and good times. Risk taker.

Go in a new direction. 

Do something you have never done before.


Bad news.

Lack of enthusiasm.

Lack of direction.

A bully. 

Symbolism in Page of Wands tarot card

The feather on his hat symbolises movement. His yellow tunic symbolises freshness and joy. His yellow shoes symbolise happiness. His orange tights symbolises ambition and drive. His tunic is decorated with images of salamander. Salamanders symbolise opportunities, visions and adaptability. The orange landscape symbolises the seekers passion and determination.

Page of wands tarot card meanings upright

Page of wands in general questions

Page of Wands tarot card denotes an enthusiastic young person who is eager to explore and gain life experience. This card can also mean a creative idea in its initial stages. The potential of this idea will be decided in the other cards in the spread. There are a lot of messages, texts, phone calls and emails when this card shows up, as this is the card for giving and receiving news of all kinds. Page of wands tarot card often shows up when the Seeker is very excited about a new project. Page of wands also signifies that Seeker is enlightened about the situation they find themselves in and they know how to carry themselves with purpose and dignity.

Page of wands in a love question

In a love reading Page of wands tarot card signifies someone who often creates and/or attracts drama in relationships, often due to some karmic soul lessons needing to be resolved. The Seeker is doing a major spiritual transformation in their relationship and is, therefore, attracting a partner who will challenge them to grow. The Seeker might find that they are going in circles in a relationship, however, they are meant to let go of a limiting program, and figure out a better way to communicate.

Page of wands in a career question

In a career reading Page of wands tarot card denotes creative work, community projects, and youth work. Page of wands also signifies that the Seeker is very compatible with the work they do, and it comes very natural to them. What seems hard for their coworkers are easy for the Seeker to do, and the Seeker might not understand why others find it so difficult.

Page of Wands as Feelings

Page of wands as feelings speaks of the Seeker feeling braver than usual, and they really feel in touch with their life purpose. If you are asking how someone feels about you, Page of wands can mean this person feels somewhat in upheaval after meeting you. They need to work out a deep worthiness issue within themselves because they most likely feel you are too good for them. They want to be loved and they have a strong need for approval and attention. In a relationship, your partner could be wanting more attention from you.

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Personality types in Page of Wands tarot card

Page of wands tarot card signifies someone with plenty of passion and enthusiasm. They love taking risks and they are creative and endearing. They often end up being the center of attention. They need to feel like they live life to the fullest and are always going on a new adventure somewhere. Their natural state is that of happiness and joy, however, they also need others to feel happy to. They work hard to pick up the moods of those around them so that everyone can have a good time. This is someone who seeks others approval. They have a big heart, and they are not afraid to show you how much they love you.

page of wands tarot card meanings tarot card meaning

Page of wands tarot card meanings reversed

Page of Wands tarot card reversed can at its worst indicate a bully and mean-tempered person who likes to show off and is demanding attention. The enthusiasm indicated in Page of wands upright is blocked when this card shows up reversed. Page of wands reversed also indicates bad news on its way. Sometimes Page of wands shows up reversed when the Seeker is involved in a doomed project. There is unhealthy competition going on. In situations Page of wands indicate that the Seeker wants to have more meaning and responsibility in their life, and they will create drama out of boredom and due to lacking direction.

Personality types in reversed Page of Wands tarot card

Page of wands reversed people are for whatever reason unable to let their light shine. They often find themselves creatively stagnate and exhausted. They feel powerless and act out in various ways to compensate for the way they feel about themselves. They often feel like life is passing them by. They are afraid of being forgotten and pursue careers that they hope will give them recognition. They often end up unpopular and alienated, the two things they fear the most.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Page of wands:

Page of wands + The Empress: Realising a dream you have had for a long time.

Page of wands + The World: A study that will take you far.

Page of wands + Six of cups: Reaching out to an old friend. Renewal of friendships.

Page of wands + Nine of cups: Being desired in love and romance. The Seeker must master self-respect because others will want to push your boundaries right now. You are irresistible at the moment.

Page of wands + Five of swords: A bully. Jealousy.

Page of wands + Seven of swords: Independence.

Page of wands + Six of pentacles: Talents in negotiation and conflict resolution.

Page of wands + Ten of pentacles: A family unit with strong personalities.

Page of wands + Ace of wands: Emotional renewal brings creative manifestations.

Page of wands + Six of wands: A champion.

Page of wands tarot card meanings summary

Page of wands is someone who needs to be heard. It can be a child who is constantly trying to get your attention, or it can be a friend who likes to have your full attention; unable to share you (if reversed), or it can be a partner who needs to be your number 1. In a work-related question Page of wands tarot card can denote a new project or workplace, and work you are very compatible with, thus finding easy. Page of wands is a tarot card that speaks of an overflow of excitement bundled up in a person who has a personality larger than life. 

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8 thoughts on “Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hi Inger!

    I hope you can help me with this interpretation. I got these three cards for the overall theme for the month of September.

    Page of Wands
    Queen of Swords

    I’d greatly appreciate your help! Thank you!

  2. This card combination can speak of some miscommunication between two people who communicate very differently. I feel you will try and keep the peace and not rock the boat too much.

  3. Hi Inger, I was wondering if you can give me insight on this spread as well page of wands as a challenge? heres how the 3 card spread went. card 1 “Self/me” (King of Cups) card 2. “Situation” (Queen of Cups) card 3. “Challenge” (Page of Wands) this was the first time i ever got the the Page of Wands, but this is like the ‘umpteen’ time i got the King and Queen of Cups within the last couple months. this was just a regular spread, but my intuition told me it was the universe sending me a message in my love life as i gotten the both the King and Queen of Cups in the same spread about a month ago with The Lovers. could the page in this position be telling me to change my strategy in trying to communate to her?

  4. Hi. You are most likely both very emotionally strong and independent so to connect you should connect through something you are both passionate about. If you share a similar interest, that is your best bet to connect with her. She loves to share her passions and interests with others. I feel this is what Page of wands and the Empress are telling you.

  5. Hey Inger I got this combination: page of wands, chariot, and six of swords all upright. What could this mean??

  6. Hello!
    I have gotten this card five times in a row as the 10th card in the celtic cross, both right side up and upside down. Any interpretations into this reoccurring card in the same exact location each time? Five times is more than a coincidence!

  7. Hi. Page of wands speaks of enthusiasm and having a big personality. You need to be around other like-minded people where you can be yourself and feel a strong connection with the people you are around.

  8. You are getting two travel cards so it can mean you are going on a trip. Page of wands often speaks of a new project that you are very passionate about and that you want to share with the world.

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