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eight of pentacles tarot card meanings 8 of pentacles tarot

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Learning a new skill.

Being fully absorbed in a project and task.

Concentration. Attention to details. 


Deepen the understanding of a subject.

Doing the groundwork.

Creativity used in a practical way.


Tedious work.


Lack of opportunity.

Symbolism in Eight of Pentacles tarot card

The brown bench symbolises practical ability. The town in the background symbolises that the man has taken himself out of reach to concentrate on his work, symbolising the need for perfection and doing a good job.

Eight of Pentacles tarot card and Astrology

Sun (Sun) in Virgo (Hermit)

Eight of pentacles tarot card meanings upright

Eight of pentacles in a general reading

Eight of Pentacles tarot card denotes craftsmanship in regards to work. It can also mean doing an apprenticeship and/or learning a new skill. This skill is something you care deeply about and you feel absorbed in your work. You are able to work unsupervised, and sometimes you are the supervisor when this card shows up, using your skills to make sure the work is of high quality. Make sure you don’t get so absorbed in the details that you miss the big picture. Look up once in a while and notice those around you. You are putting in the hours at work, make sure you have time to have fun as well. Eight of pentacles shows up in your tarot readings when the time is ripe to further your career by learning/studying. 

Eight of pentacles in a love reading

In a love reading, Eight of pentacles tarot card signifies meeting love while at a seminar, learning a new craft or skill. If the Seeker is in a relationship Eight of pentacles denotes the couple shares a similar creative passion.

Eight of pentacles in a career reading

In a career reading, Eight of pentacles tarot card speaks of Apprenticeship and internship. Eight of pentacles can also denote the Seeker is doing the groundwork for a company.

Eight of pentacles as feelings

Eight of pentacles as feelings speaks of the seeker feeling motivated by a new skill they are learning about. The seeker feels hopeful for the future and creating change in their life through working in a special field they are interested in. If you are asking how someone is feeling about you, eight of pentacles can mean the person feels you have something interesting in common. You could share a similar interest and/or passion in life.

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Personality types in Eight of pentacles tarot card

Eight of pentacles tarot card is someone who loves being a student and practice a craft or skill. They love the initial stages of a project where there is learning, research and growing involved. Eight of pentacles people often get fixated on tasks and have great attention to details and ability to concentrate. They sometimes have problems seeing the bigger picture and can obsess over what is not working rather than focusing on what is working. This is someone who can easily become a workaholic.

eight of pentacles tarot card meanings

Eight of pentacles tarot card meanings reversed

Eight of Pentacles tarot card reversed indicates tedious work with little gains. The seeker might be overdue for a promotion they deserve but are not getting. They are not being able to use their talents and skills in their jobs. The seeker might hate their job and is not giving it any effort. There might be failures due to laziness.

Personality types in Eight of pentacles reversed

Eight of pentacles tarot card reversed is someone who argues for the sake of arguing and who lacks people skills. They are often obsessed with themselves and their own efforts and fail to see anyone else’s input. There are issues with too much resentment and fear of failure. The seeker might want to learn something new, but believe they are either too old, too stupid or both. There is a fear of change.

Eight Of Pentacles Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Eight of pentacles:

8 of pentacles + The Empress: Home renovation. 

8 of pentacles + The Hierophant: Spiritual work. 

8 of pentacles + Strength: A learning centre. 

8 of pentacles + The Hermit: Learning an old skill. Learning from books. Being self-taught. 

8 of pentacles + The Hanged Man: Research and inventions. 

8 of pentacles + The Moon: Creative crafts. 

8 of pentacles + Ace of wands: Learning to use tools.

8 of pentacles + Eight of wands: Learning and working with new technology. 

8 of pentacles + Nine of wands: Pressure at work. 

8 of pentacles + Ten of wands: Unable to say no. Need for stronger boundaries. 

8 of pentacles + Knight of wands: A tradesman. 

8 of pentacles + Ace of cups: Investing time into doing what you love. 

8 of pentacles + Three of cups: Having fun at work. 

8 of pentacles + Seven of cups: Jack of all trades. 

8 of pentacles + Knight of cups: An artist. 

8 of pentacles + Two of pentacles: Investing more time into your hobbies. 

8 of pentacles + Page of pentacles: Investing all your time into your study. 

8 of pentacles + King of pentacles: Business apprentice. 

Eight of pentacles tarot card meanings summary

Eight of pentacles tarot card meanings speak of learning new skills. If you are new in a job you might find that you are gaining momentum fast and people are depending on you straight from the start. If you are a student this is a very good card as it denotes being able to put theory into practice with ease. Eight of pentacles often means you will be getting involved in your community to learn a new skill that will bring confidence as well as financial rewards. 

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14 thoughts on “Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Hi i was wondering if I could have some help on the below career spread I am looking for work and now i am very stressed as my funds are running out. Can you advise what cards 4 5 6 and 7 mean thanks

    Card 1. How am I moving towards it? A positive card here denotes you are moving forward in a good way.
    Three of wands

    Card 2. How much do influence the timing? This card will tell you how much you can influence the time. Sometimes we can influence the timing of events by our actions and also our inner life.
    Two of Swords

    Card 3. What is the best thing I can do now? Here you get input from the cards what is the best cause of action to have what you want, and maybe even have it sooner than later.

    Card 4. Should I share my plans with others? Sometimes sharing your plans with others can block your manifestations. However, sometimes sharing your plans with the right people will enhance your manifestations.
    Four of Pentacles

    Card 5. Should I collaborate with others? In this card position, you will see if collaborations will be beneficial.
    Eight of pentacles

    Card 6. What decisions will I be facing? Some decisions will be easy and some will be hard. This card position reveals what decisions you will have to make to manifest.

    Card 7. What do I need to safeguard? This card position describes what it is you need to keep safe. It could be your reputation, your family, your assets, your knowledge etc.
    Knight of cups

    Card 8. Conclusion. The conclusion card ties it all together, and it also speaks of where you are at in your life when the manifestation become a reality.

  2. Hi, Gurbachan. The Sun card in the conclusion denotes you will soon be working, and it will be something that is close to your heart. This is somewhere where you will feel very at home. You are being guided at the moment to ‘be patient’ which is hard right now, but, something is coming your way, and it will be worth the wait. I do see a door opening this month…and I do see you working in a team next month…:)

  3. Hi Inger,

    I hope you can help me with the following interpretations. My friend was recently hurt by a guy she had kind of been seeing. She has some idea that it has to do with him being interested in someone else.
    as an FYI he went through a very bitter divorce 3/4 yrs ago and harbors a lot of hurt and anger from it.

    Card 1: Why did N. get so angry at C.? 5 of pents. The day this happened he had just been to his son’s graduation so ex wife was there, he just lost a job in his new career field and is going to school for a new career. School ends next week. With all that info, I interpreted this to mean he was projecting his hurt, feelings of inadequacy, insecurities, worries, and rejection onto C.

    Card 2: Why did N. have such a change in emotions towards C. during the past month? (he had been very lovey dovey -unusual for him- and then the anger and break up.) 5 of cups. He’s only focused on the cups that are spilled (all the bad things listed under card 1) and has lost sight of what he still had.

    Card 3: Is there anything C. can do to reconcile with N.? 8 of pents Reversed = hard work
    it’s too hard to reconcile i.e.don’t bother. OR it’ll take a lot of hard work to reconcile. OR don’t make the relationship so hard and reconciliation is possible.
    I pulled a clarifier, Ace of Cups. This is where I am stumped. Can you help me out??

    I think I did OK on other cards, but 8 of pents Reversed with Ace of Cups has me confused.


  4. Hi, Kay. I feel this N will go in circles and possibly drag C around in a circle with him. N could end up waiting a long time. Ace of cups showed up to remind N that there is love available in her life, however, I feel it will be with someone new who is also very romantic and artistic.

  5. Im hoping you can shed some light on the following reading I did for myself. It is a three card spread with a clarification card and no question was asked.

    1. 5 of Cups
    2. The World
    3. Knight of Wands (Reversed)

    4. 8 of Coins

  6. Hi. The cards are telling you a door is opening for you soon where you can achieve more in your life in an area where you will be able to use your mind and creative thinking to bring positive changes to both your own life and to the world.

  7. Hi Inger

    I’m still learning about tarot and I hope you can help me with my reading. I’ve been jobless for the last seven months and looking for a job and now I have two job offerings in different organizations but both are in educational industry. I try to decide which one I should take from tarot reading.

    For the offering A, I got 8 of penctacles, 2 of wands, and 9 of cups. As long as I understand, it means I’ve been trying hard to find a job, and now I have to make a kind of difficult decision, but working at that organization will satisfy me and make me happy.

    For the offerring B, I got The Tower, 7 of cups, and page of pentacles. I translate it that a bad event suddenly came up in my life as I lost my job suddenly, and now I have to make a choice of the job offerings which will have impacts towards the goals in my life. If I take the offering B, I will have good financial condition and projects to do.

    Am I correct? Do I miss something? Which one do you think is better? I see both 9 of cups and page of pentacles are good signs

    Thank you

  8. It depends a bit on the question, however, the world often means we will connect with the World in a bigger way and together with Eight of pentacles it can mean you will teach something you are an expert in.

  9. Hi Inger Brathan,

    Hope you are well, I wanted some support on this spread I am in job which drains mentally and physically. I feel anxiety every morning when I have to go into this job, the people are great however the job itself is stressful, demanding and takes all my energy. Can you give me on the meaning on this spread. It is for a career reading, I am waiting for news on a job I applied for where a let of people want to work and it would be my ideal job, but I think I will not get a chance.

    .Queen of wands
    Queen of cups
    Ten of pentacles
    Seven of cups
    Knight of pentacles
    Knight of swords
    Ten of cups
    Nine of pentacles
    Ace of pentacles
    Eight of pentacles

  10. Hi. The cards say that this situation is not set in stone. The cards suggest the person they are looking for in this role is someone who will be very committed and also someone who can teach and train others. Someone who is very much a team player and who can work at the finer details and in different areas within the organisation. Eight of pentacles as your final outcome means this is a job that can also lead to new opportunities later on. :)

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