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eight of cups tarot card meanings 8 of cups tarot card

Eight of Cups Tarot Card
Meanings and Keywords:


Following your dream.

Seeking deeper meaning.

Focusing on the spiritual rather than the material.

Being emotionally distant.

Abandoning the mainstream way of life.

Changing your priorities. Walking away from something.

Having few friends. Being a loner.


Abandoning your dreams.

Sacrificing your happiness.

Feeling miserable.

Symbolism in Eight of Cups tarot card

The eight cups symbolise material goods. The man is walking away from them representing turning away from the physical world to seek something more meaningful. The terrain in front of him is uneven symbolising new challenges and opportunities for learning. The red cloak represents the seeker’s passion for this journey.  The water separating the land symbolises subconscious versus the conscious. The mountain in front of him symbolises new stability if he stays on his path. The moon symbolises the seeker’s dreams.

Eight of Cups tarot card and Astrology

Saturn (World) in Pisces (Moon).

Eight of cups tarot card meanings upright

Eight of cups in a general reading

Eight of cups is the tarot card for turning your back at something to go and follow your dream. The day dreaming that happened in Seven of cups has materialised in a vision that the seeker is now going to pursuit. This dream has deep spiritual meaning behind it, as the material world wasn’t truly satisfying. If Eight of cups tarot card shows up with the Hermit you most likely want to go on this path alone. Eight of cups is the tarot card to find what is truly satisfying on a soul level.

Eight of cups in a love reading

In a love reading, Eight of cups tarot card denotes a time where relationships take second place in the Seeker’s life. The Seeker knows he/she must fulfill their soul before any relationship can deepen. The Seeker needs to cut loose, go into the wilderness, and return a new person. The wilderness represents the place in the Seeker’s life where everything is put on the line to achieve something more meaningful. If in a relationship, this card can mean the couple will go on a spiritual journey together. If single, this card can also mean the Seeker will find love while seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Eight of cups in a career reading

Eight of cups can mean casual work supporting the Seeker while on a spiritual journey. Eight of cups can also mean pursuing what the Seeker always wanted to do, but was too afraid to do. In Eight of cups, the fear is gone, and the desire to live a new life has triumphed.

Eight of cups as feelings

Eight of cups speaks of feeling connected to your soul. The Seeker feels a stronger than a normal connection to who they really are. Eight of cups as how someone feels about you can denote the person feels curious about who you are as a person. They are observing to learn if what you have is a real soul connection. If you are already in a relationship, eight of cups can mean the person wants to share a spiritual path with you.

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Personality types in Eight of Cups tarot card

Eight of cups tarot card indicates someone who seeks success and happiness away from the material world. They abandon the mainstream way of life in search for substance. They know there is something better out there and they want to get to it. They are often on a deeply spiritual journey. They’ve changed their priorities and many speak of them as someone who has changed altogether. They have turned their life around in some way and have grown up emotionally to the point that their friends and family hardly recognise them anymore. Eight of cups people are often very introverted as they are seeking inner meaning and answers rather than earthly pleasures. They can at times seem to be unattainable as they are very private people. They need to persevere as giving up to group pressure will be a huge step backward. Eight of cups people need to do what is right for them rather than what is right for everyone else.

eight of cups tarot card meanings
Seeking purpose

Eight of cups tarot card meanings reversed

Eight of Cups tarot card reversed indicates the seeker has given up their dream to surrender to an uncomfortable, loveless and miserable reality. The seeker might have surrendered their life to please someone else, like selling their business to work in a job they dislike. Eight of cups sometimes shows up reversed when the seeker feels completely lost in the world, and they have issues with shame and guilt. There are meaningless change and purposeless journeying. The seeker has stopped growing.

Personality types in reversed Eight of Cups tarot card

Eight of cups tarot card reversed indicates someone who feels old and useless. They believe they are over the hill and that they have nothing left to offer the world. Everything seems to be too difficult and hopeless for an Eight of cups reversed person. It is easier for them to give in to demands of others than to focus on their own needs and desires. This is someone with a tendency to escape through prescription drugs or in some cases illicit drug addictions. They are battling lethargy and apathy, and they believe things are a lot worse than they actually are. Eight of cups reversed people tend to go towards the path of least resistance as any challenge seems to overwhelm them. However the lack of growth in their lives end up hurting them in the long haul, and they will have to participate whether they like it or not. This is someone who is hiding in the background and is at times hardly noticed. They feel very emotionally misunderstood.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Combinations

Some important tarot card combinations including Eight of cups:

8 of cups + The High Priestess: Developing psychic abilities. Empowering yourself. 

8 of cups + The Empress: Investing in health and beauty. 

8 of cups + The Emperor: Self-employment. Realising a dream. 

8 of cups + The Hierophant: Finding a community to belong. 

8 of cups + The Tower: Necessary conflicts to have individuality. 

8 of cups + The Sun: Becoming a leader. 

8 of cups + The World: Teaching. Seeing the world. 

8 of cups + Ace of wands: Learning new technology. 

8 of cups + Three of wands: Going Freelance. 

8 of cups + Six of wands: Using your talents to make the world a better place.

8 of cups + Knight of wands: Moving to a place where your dreams can come true. 

8 of cups + Queen of wands: Teaching something you are passionate about. 

8 of cups + Two of swords: Playing a long game to get what you want. 

8 of cups + Five of swords: Finding the truth about a dark secret. 

8 of cups + Eight of swords: Special needs expert. 

8 of cups + Nine of swords: Facing your fears. 

8 of cups + Knight of swords: Craving danger. Thrillseeker. 

8 of cups + King of swords: Becoming a professional, then a master within the field. 

8 of cups + Two of pentacles: Seeking more job satisfaction even if it means less money. 

8 of cups + Five of pentacles: Going back to school. 

8 of cups + Seven of pentacles: A hobby farm. 

8 of cups + Ten of pentacles: Needing family. Wanting to retire. 

8 of cups + Queen of pentacles: Wanting to care and nurture people, animals, and plants. 

8 of cups + Two of cups: Seeking a soul mate. 

8 of cups + Ten of cups: Seeking perfection in a relationship. Some will seek fame.

8 of cups + Page of cups: Auditioning. Showcasing your talent. 

8 of cups + Queen of cups: Writing a book, lyrics, storytelling. Creativity. 

8 of cups + King of cups: A healer. Emotional evolution. 

Eight of cups tarot card meanings summary

Eight of cups tarot card meanings denotes it is time to go and chase something big. There are no guarantees where it will take you, but you can’t keep doing what you are doing either. Something’s gotta give, and it is most likely going to be the routines you are dreading each day. Make small steps if your dreams scare you. Time will pass, either way, so you might as well get started now.

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22 thoughts on “Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings”

  1. Dear Inger!im in Love w the a man,who is went to another country (after we had a fight in words in april). Im totally feel down myself,we had a very tumultus time that period (before the fight).i ask the cards about the our future together,it says Eight of Cups,Hierophant,Knight of Pentacles.what do you think?Thanks for your answer.Namaste.Jasmin

  2. Hi Inger, what is the eight of cups, empress, and two wands mean for a love reading? I asked what is the intentions of this person?

  3. I feel this person has had some losses in his life and is healing from this, and is ‘re-entering and re-connecting’ back to life a more stronger person. This person wants real connections and is not interested in anything that does not also have a deeper meaning.

  4. Hi Inger! Love your site. Do you have any insight as to the 8 of cups as the last card in a 12 card reading (so in the 12th house in the style of reading)? Thanks!

  5. Hi Inger, do you have any feedback on the 8 of cups as the last card in a general new moon tarot reading–12 cards in 12 houses style? So this would be the final card and the one in the 12th house. Thank you!

  6. Hi, Courtney. The 12th house is the house where our fears and self-sabotage show up so it can mean you are running from your purpose (perhaps to please someone other than yourself). Your own dreams of self-fulfillment could be scaring you and eight of cups shows up to remind you to begin expanding on your journey one step at a time :)

  7. Hi Inger,
    I did a reading with 8 of cups in the future position (3 spread) and clarified with Queen of Wands. My question was around how the next few months will unfold (just moved back from abroad and starting over. Does this mean that the path I’ve chosen will lead to my independence and having what i want (whatever that may be?) Your insights would be great.


  8. Hi, Liesa. Yes, you will be independent and Queen of wands means you will be on fire and you will get a lot of attention and appreciation. Queen of wands is the one that is adored not ignored. I feel you will make a big difference in people’s lives and you will be loved and appreciated for it.

  9. Hi Inger! The question was how do I proceed (in a love reading). I got Knight of Wands, 8 of Cups and Judgement. The Magician reversed fell out so I included it. However, I feel like the Magician is a “you should know” and not included in the first 3. What are your thoughts?
    Thank you for your insight!

  10. Hi, Christina. Always take care when Magician shows up reversed because it can mean someone is lying. Judgement is also asking you to use your good judgement in this situation.

  11. Hello! I am wondering if you can clarify this relationship reading for me as I am confused. I got the eight of cups as the foundation of the relationship, my feelings are the moon and his the ten of cups. My needs are the two of cups, his is the wheel of fortune, and combined our needs are the Ace of Cups, and the outcome is the six of Wands. The three of cups was also in his expectations spot. I know you may not interpret this whole thing and I understand that. But is this a good omen for a relationship? I guess the eight of cups confuses me.

  12. Hi. Your cards look great. Eight of cups speaks of this relationship being more about the spiritual than the material, at least in the beginning, and you will seek within to find out what is truly satisfying your soul.

  13. Hi Inger!

    I asked how my love interest feels about me and got the Empress, four of wands and eight of cups. I’m confused by the last one. It seems so negative, while the first two seem positive to me. What do you think?

  14. I feel he is attracted to you, and he is in an introspective phase in his life where he is asking a lot of deeper questions about life and what the real purpose in his life is. I feel he wants to fulfil his life on a deeper level and is doing a lot of soul-searching at the moment. He is asking all the big questions, and I feel he is not sure if his life even has a deeper meaning at this stage. He needs to dig deep within himself because I feel he doesn’t know who he is and he wants to find out.

  15. Hi, Crystal. This card combination can mean you must be careful not to sacrifice too much in personal relationships. Eight of Cups reversed can mean you are ‘delaying’ pursuing something you really want to do and it could be because you are afraid how it will affect a relationship that is very important to you.

  16. Hi Inger
    I asked about my partner feeling towards me .eight of cups reversed was his feeling .two of swords again reversed how he sees me .and the reversed high priesstes wss what stands between us .
    Please tell me what it means and whats going on ?

  17. Hi, Parvaz. This can speak of misunderstanding between you. Your partner could be very confused, especially with 3 reversed cards like that. He could be suspecting there are secrets between you since you get high priestess reversed as what stands between you. But there is also a chance this has got to do with how your partner views his life and his accomplishments. He could have some regrets in regards to life purpose and this affecting the relationship. With reversed cards, take a step back and look at the cards before as there lies the solutions: 7 of cups, ace of swords, the Magician. Your partner could be needing more time and space to daydream and to manifest with his mind. Magician means he has a need to communicate more.

  18. Knight of pentacles often means changes in career and in some cases (less common) changes in where you are living (such as moving or renovating). 8 of cups often means pursuing a dream, or going on a spiritual journey. This combination can speak of entering into a (job) role that is very meaningful and compatible with the Seeker’s spiritual needs. It could also mean moving to a very spiritual place.

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