Hedgehog Spirit Animal

Original Course ~ Card meanings and combinations.

This is the very first course I created. It is still the course I am most satisfied with.

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Hedgehog is represented by Two of Wands Tarot Card

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Hedgehog Spirit signifies enjoying life without taking things to personal. Hedgehog encourages you to follow your curiosity and start making plans. Hedgehog teaches you how to look after yourself in the big world. Hedgehog also shows up when it is time to share your talents with the world. Learn what Hedgehog means in a coffee cup reading. 

Hedgehog Spirit helps you land on your feet and keeps you firmly connected to Mother Earth. Hedgehog also assists in healing around Mother issues, including any fertility issues. Hedgehog Spirit teaches you how to find your way in the dark.

Hedgehog Medicine


Mother healing

Impervious to toxic energy

Boundaries with others

Escaping death

Planning ahead



Landing on your feet



Hedgehog as a teacher

Hedgehog teaches you to plan ahead and to find your way in the dark. Hedgehog Spirit assists in cheating death and protection against toxic people and situations.

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