Weasel Spirit Animal

Weasel is represented by Ace of Wands Tarot Card

Weasel enters our lives to speed things up. Weasels have very high metabolism and are constantly hunting for food to sustain themselves. They are lean animals, and therefore Weasel is a great totem to get when you want to slim down. Weasel assists in speeding up your metabolism. You might find that you are hungrier than usual, but not gaining weight. Weasel can get through the tightest of places due to their body shape. Weasel brings flexibility and grace to your life.

Weasel assists in finding your place in the word as they are very territorial. They are loners and  enjoy a life in solitude. They protect their heart from heartache. They don’t let you fall in love easily.

Weasel Medicine

Increased metabolism





Hard workers


Protecting your heart

Weasel as a teacher

Weasel teaches you to live life fast and with curiosity. Weasel teaches you solitude. Weasel protects your heart from being broken. It won’t let you fall for anyone.