Parrot Spirit Animal

Parrot is represented by the Sun Tarot Card

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Parrot enters our lives to bring the sunshine to your life. Parrot Spirit teaches us to understand others better and therefore become better at negotiating in our own lives. Parrot brings fun and entertainment to your life. Parrot Spirit also encourages you to find your own individuality and not covet others.

Parrot assists you in group situations. Parrot Spirit gives you the ability to function in a group of people with strong personalities. Parrots are also known to have strong psychic abilities. Parrot also assists you in finding your true love, as most Parrots mate for life.

Parrot Medicine

Sunshine personality

Entertaining others

Practical jokes

Finding your individuality

Being smarter than you know


Understanding others


Repeating others

Spreading your wings

Being with your soul mate

Developing your personality

Parrot as a teacher

Parrot teaches you to get along with others, to have fun and to develop your personality. Parrot also assists you in soul mate relationship.

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