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The meaning of the Sun tarot card in a love reading.

Is The Sun A Good Card To Get In A Question About Your Love Life?

Just looking at the Sun picture in any tarot deck and you will get the impression of pure happiness and bliss. It is safe to say that the Sun means a happy love life as well. For many tarot readers, it can be a challenge to read with cards that are so obvious in their interpretation. What else is there really to say about the Sun other than a big YES to happiness and success? If I have learned one thing as a tarot reader it is that the seeker often wants more information. They want details. So let’s dissect the Sun tarot card in a love reading.

The Sun describes something that will come into your life to bring you joy. It speaks of new love or being in love for the very first time. The Sun can also describe falling in love the way you did the first time. There is something very pure about the Sun. It is untainted and uncorrupted. When the Sun describes the state of your love life you are absolutely sure about how much you love the other person.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Sun tarot card here. 

The Sun speaks of love at first sight. You recognise something within the other person that stir up strong emotions within yourself. When the Sun is in your cards you might be feeling like a child. Everything seems new and exciting. This attitude brings love into your life. Your openness allows others to be open with you. The Sun has similar energy in a love reading as Temperance and the Lovers tarot cards. If you are single and looking for love then the Sun assures that someone will love and appreciate you like you have never experienced. You might be surprised by the sincerity of this person, and most likely you will forget to bring your protective barriers up. Before you know it you are head over heels in love! The Sun speaks of being seen and appreciated by someone who is unafraid of showing their love.  Unfortunately, some people will feel threatened by such pureness and will want to hide away from it. The Sun asks you to be open to receive.

If you are already in a relationship and the Sun shows up it is a sign that you are with the right person. If you have been wanting a child the Sun is a big Yes to falling pregnant. The Sun also denotes a happy holiday and celebration. Something will come into your lives and give you joy. There is also abundance and security in your relationship. You might rediscover your partner and fall in love all over again.

There is victory seen in the Sun tarot card. There are no hidden agendas or murky undercurrents causing confusion. The justice seen in the Sun is that love will always win and the truth will always shine. When you live in truth and love you are in the Flow. The Flow brings prosperity and happiness. This is what the Sun tarot card is all about.

Sun tarot card love meaning summary

The Sun speaks of new love, love at first sight or falling in love for the first time or just like the first time. This card speaks of joy and happiness in love and relationships. If you are single the Sun denotes a love interest who will adore you and show you love from a pure heart. It is up to the seeker if he/she feels worthy to receive. In an established relationship, the Sun signifies something bringing the couple joy; it can be a child, a shared interest, a holiday, a celebration etc. Something out of the ordinary will bring the couple closer together, and they might even fall in love all over again. The Sun has similar energy to Temperance and the Lovers cards when it comes to describing love and relationships.