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The Meaning Of Judgement Tarot Card In A Love Reading

Is The Judgement A Good Card To Get In A Question About Your Love Life?

We all want to live our lives with purpose. Many of us spend much of our lives looking for what it is that will give us purpose. Judgement is a tarot card that describes finding and living your purpose. The question is; once you have found your purpose what are you still searching for? One thing that makes life exciting is the search for meaning and especially meaningful experiences. Once you find your purpose some of that exciting energy will quiet down. You are now living your purpose rather than searching for it. It can be a difficult transition. It can be so much easier to search for purpose than to actually live it. In a love reading, the Judgement card can be both a good card and a bad card depending on the level of your maturity. In a love reading, Judgement almost always shows up when the relationship has been close to ending, only to be revived at the last-minute. 

Judgement tarot card in a love reading speaks of the reality of a serious relationship; rather than the excitement of dating and searching. In a relationship, Judgement speaks of the danger of breaking up because the couple is not fully appreciating each other. There is a need to rescue and to be rescued; the couple will have their roles either as the carer or the victim. There is grief tied up in this card, and the longing for sharing your life with your partner in heaven rather than on earth. Judgement also signifies that the person loves who their partner used to be rather than who they have become. There is a renewal needed in the relationship. One of the parts needs to be the leader and bring the relationship out of unhealthy patterns. The love is there, it just needs some rekindling.

Learn the traditional meaning of Judgement tarot card here. 

If you are single and looking for love Judgement shows up when you need to renew yourself. Focus on being the person you always wanted to be and stop waiting for someone to rescue you. You might be the one who wants to rescue someone, however, Judgement is a card for being assertive rather than overly caring. Judgement says your path is ready for you and in it is your soul mate. You might have become uncomfortable comfortable and it is time to shake it up a bit. What is it you really want to achieve; and how can you make it more enjoyable and fun?

Judgement asks you to let go of grieving what has been and let it go. Your future is ready for you, and it is a GREAT future if you are willing to accept and take responsibility for your life. What will attract a soul mate into your life are your confidence and leadership abilities, so the worst thing you can do is to hide away.

Judgement tarot card love meaning summary

In a relationship question, Judgement denotes the couple needs to appreciate each other more. They have found their purpose in their relationship and now it is time to expand. Judgement speaks of the need to rescue and to be rescued, which can lead to an unhealthy pattern of drama within the relationship. If you are single and looking for love then Judgement denotes a soul mate who will fall in love with your leadership qualities and assertive confidence. The worst thing you can do is to hide away.