Star Tarot Card Love Meanings

star tarot card meanings
Star: Hope

The Meaning of the Star tarot card in a love reading

Is the Star a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Star is a very positive card in the tarot, but it is also a tarot card for unpredictable action. The Star is a card that denotes coming out of the darkness and into the light. This is a process of the soul emerging as a butterfly from the cocoon. The dark night of the soul is finally over. The Star is about finding that Someone you used to dream about; that someone you created as the perfect partner in your mind.

When we create a perfect partner in our mind it is how they make us feel that is most important. The Star denotes someone who makes us feel special and someone who believes in our dreams and desires. In a relationship, the Star speaks of reaching your goals and creating a long-term future based on all the things you always wanted.  The Star will make you feel like you are a star.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Star tarot card.

Since the Star is a tarot card that also describes the unexpected; it denotes being knocked off your feet a few times. The beauty of the Star is that you will always get back on your feet.

In a love reading the Star signifies you will have to kiss a few frogs before you meet the One, and each frog tells you something new about what you want (and don’t want) in a relationship. You might even feel completely hopeless when it comes to love and relationships; however, when the Star shines on you someone will see you. This person will be able to communicate with you and make you laugh, which are the gifts the Star brings to the table.

If you are single and looking for love and the Star shows up in your reading you can assure all your efforts into finding love will finally pay off.

If you are already in a relationship the Star denotes a time of surprises and getting what you want. You and your partner will work together to build a future based on realizing your dreams and desires.

Star tarot card love meaning summary

The Star shows up in your cards when you are on your way out of darkness. If you have suffered in love the Star is there to assure you someone special who gets you will come into your life. In a relationship, the Star denotes a time of surprises (especially when it comes to being abundant and fertile). If the Star describes your relationship it means you are creating a dream that will give you emotional fulfillment. 

The Star enters our lives to help us become more confident and interesting. In a love reading the efforts you have invested in yourself will pay off. Someone will notice you; your partner will fall in love with you all over again, or if you are single and you will be meeting someone new. 


  1. I just wanted to share my story here as I got The Star as my final card. I’m so happy and having hope and faith again in a relationship issue. Here is a little background story. I was dating a guy, everything was perfect with amazing connection. However, there was some misunderstanding due to miscommunication. By the time we realised, it was too late, we’ve both hurt each other. He broke it off right there, it felt like a very sudden, blindsided decision. But I know he was torn about it too. I felt like I’ve lost a future that I’ve always dreamed of and I felt it was an unfair decision. It has been a month since the break up happened, and I have been distancing myself to give myself (and him) some space to heal and to think. I plan on to re-establish contact next week, and see if there is any possibility to give this relationship another go.

    I used The Relationship Direction Tarot Spread “Where is this relationship going?” by Kate Madison.
    Deck: Estensi Tarot

    1- Querent: 10 of Pentacles reversed
    2- Partner: 7 of Swords reversed
    3- Intentions / Desires (Querent): The Judgement reversed
    4- Intentions / Desires (Partner): The Moon
    5- Near Future (Querent): Ace of Swords
    6- Near Future (Partner): The Sun
    7- Future Underlying Dynamics: Queen of Cups
    8- Outcome: The Star

    The way I interrupted:
    Card 1&3- 10 of cups reversed indicated the loss of a happy future from my view, and my desire is to wait for that “judgement day” and “revive” this relationship.
    Card 2&4- The Estensi deck depicts 7 swords pointing at a man with only a bow, the way I see it is that he “brings a knife to a gun fight”. The meaning that I found that made most sense is that he gives up on the fight too early, instead of taking the chance to fight. While The Moon implies he is searching and learning the unknown (his emotions).

    Card 5,6,7,8 are where I think something wonderful happened:
    The near future, Card 5&6- Ace of Sword in Estensi has baby angels adorning the swords with laurel wreath outside the door of Justicia. Victory with justice for me after The Judgement. As for him, after searching within himself to understand his subconsciousness, the future is filled with the joy of the Sun. I take it as he will be warm and welcoming when I reach out to him again, and hopefully fall in love the way we did the first time.

    Card 7- When I see the Queen of Cups, I felt that this relationship will be blessed by the Queen of love. Compassionate, nurturing and loving.

    Card 8- The final card is The Star! After a break up, going through a dark time when I felt hopeless, I’m so happy to see the Star is here to guide me out of darkness and give me hope. (I actually cried when I flipped this card!) I hope he and I will fall in love together all over again.

    There are more major arcana cards here, I feeling there are so much good energy in this reading. Also the way that The Judgement interacts with Ace of Swords, and I’m getting The Moon, The Sun AND The Star… I’m really overjoyed… I hope next week, everything goes the way my cards revealed.

  2. Dear Katie. I think you interpreted this very well. I also believe the cards are telling you that you can have a new beginning, and the best way to achieve this is to be very mature about the way you communicate. The Star is telling you there is still hope for this relationship. 🙂 I wish you all the best.

  3. Hi! I love reading your posts. I have recently had a conflict with someone I felt a very strong connection with and he has broken things off. I am heartbroken. There are many reasons for the break up, but I still felt very strongly about our bond. I did a 3 card spread about our relationship. Why did he break it off? Queen of Pents which I believe stands for another female in his life. Why has he kept lines of communication open? (he has blocked communication with me in all ways except for one) 2 of swords, which I read as indecision. And what is the possible outcome for our relationship? The Star. The star always confounds me because on one hand it seems very positive, yet on the other, it could be wishful thinking. I pulled a clarifier which is the Magician. I am curious of your thoughts about this card combo.

    I await your response eagerly! 🙂

  4. Hi. I think you will be able to reconcile. I feel like he is very sensitive to criticism and might feel hurt by something that was said, and maybe he misunderstood what you meant. I feel he took something to heart that you didn’t mean in the way he took it. He will need some time to cool down and regather himself.

  5. Hey Inger, how are you? 🙂 lots happened since I last posted here! lots improved but im still working on myself and my fears of abandonment, betrayal etc my life has been a lot about hostile environments, emotional coldness etc but ive come to accept thr vulnerability and the need to be loved as what they are- normal and being a human x))
    I picked these cards asking if I should go across the border to finally meet that online crush of mine at a work event there (we’ve the same profession).. we havent talked for a year and I just want to meet and see him as he is now in real life. No other exoectations- guy is too complicated. I wondered if hed want to meet too and how itd evolve..
    Two of Wands, Ace of Cups, Devil, Star, Knight of Swords
    I took it as positive since I love the knight of swords as my ideal knight but the Devil sandwiched between the Ace of Cups and Star (what would seem as resolution and reconciliation) worried me.. its nearby but im afraid of trips nowadays so this is definitely getting me out of my comfort zone.. what do you think?
    A confirmation reading was the Justice, Six of Swords, Page of Swords, Three of Cups, Eight of Wands.. again seems like trip will be safe, we’ll meet and it’ll be friendly right?


  6. Hi, RiRi. The Devil next to the Star mean there will be a lot of unexpected turns of events and you could be feeling a lot of pressure that could be taking a bit toll on you personally.


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