Zebra is represented by the Hanged Man Tarot Card

Zebra enters our lives to teach us to take a step back and observe how we can be better team players. Zebra spirit will help you to blend in behind the scenes to achieve the best result. Zebra will help you be with your herd, and to recognized your role in the group. Zebra is about the collective protecting the individual.

Zebra assists you in living a life from your own perspective. You function well in a group, but you cannot be tamed; meaning you cannot be something you are not. Zebra Spirit supports you in your uniqueness. You don’t need much fuzz, and you certainly don’t want anyone to try to change you.

Zebra Medicine


Unique character

Wild and free

Making things simple, not hard

Knowing where you belong

Letting go of limiting beliefs

Blending in when choosing so

Being with like-minded people

Doing less, achieving more

Zebra as a teacher

Zebra teaches you achieve more by doing less. Zebra Spirit gives you the ability to blend in and becoming part of a group. Zebra knows there is safety in numbers.