Bat is represented by the Star Tarot Card

Bat Spirit signifies letting go of unhealthy ego, and you are called to put your efforts wholeheartedly towards spiritual development. The Bat denotes rebirth from the cave you have been hiding yourself in. Bats are very sociable animals, and you are encouraged to make connections in your life with like-minded people.

Bat Spirit teaches you to renew yourself from unhealthy patterns and instead devote yourself to spiritual learning. Bat teaches extrasensory psychic abilities. Bat also helps you discover your talents without comparing yourself with others.

Bat Medicine


Letting go of unhealthy ego

Spiritual life

Socializing with like-minded people

Extra-sensory psychic ability

Family bonding

Discovering your talents

Bat as a teacher

Bat teaches you how to live through the death of unhealthy ego and come through the other side of what can feel like turmoil. Bat teaches you to live life with a strong sense of purpose and meaning.