Fox Spirit Animal

Fox is represented by Two of Swords Tarot Card

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Fox Spirit signifies the ability to wait for the right moment before you act. Fox helps you strike at the right time and in the right way to have the best result. Fox picks at a problem with persistence until it falls apart, and helps you solve your own problems in a balanced and calm way.

Fox Spirit teaches you to blend in and going unnoticed. Fox helps you portray yourself as who you need to be in any social interaction. Fox helps people to gain a vast variety of skills,  helping them become creative problem solvers.

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Fox Medicine


Uniquely skilled


Moving in and out of situations

Coming and going unnoticed


Anticipating events

Outwitting others

Balancing their skills


Observe others

Caring for the young


Fox as a teacher

Fox teaches you how to use your many skills to solve problems in a balanced way. Fox has the foresight to predict events and therefore outsmart their competition. Fox helps you being tactful and discrete, and to camouflage your personality to be whoever you have to be to achieve the best result. Fox teaches loyalty to those you consider friends and family. Fox cares deeply about the young, and you might be drawn to working with children.

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