Donkey Spirit Animal

Donkey is represented by Page of Swords Tarot Card

Donkey Spirit signifies the true meaning of Being of Service without losing your individuality. Donkey Spirit teaches eagerness and intelligence. Donkey helps those who wants to be of service in their own unique way, to create something wonderful and then share it with others. Donkey Spirit aids those with the Calling to Serve the Creator of All, and often takes on huge responsibilities. Donkey teaches you to repeat a formula over and over again without growing tired of your routine. Donkey teaches productivity through repeating what you know works. Donkey teaches you when to be stubborn and not be too influenced by the opinions of others.

Donkey Spirit teaches how you can unburden others without burdening yourself. Donkey helps you find your own winning formula so that it can be repeat for best result. Donkey Spirit teaches Strength of Character.

Donkey Medicine

Being of Service


The Winning Formula

Being unique

Not letting others change you

Routine (to achieve best result)

Faith in the Creator



Psychic hearing

The bringer of salvation

Donkey as a teacher

Donkey teaches how you can bring salvation to the World in your own unique way. Donkey Spirit helps those with a Calling to help others. Donkey teaches how you can hear the Voice of God to help other unburden themselves. Donkey teaches undying faith in the Creator.

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