Alligator Spirit Animal

Alligator is represented by Four of Swords Tarot Card

Alligator Spirit signifies patience and regeneration. Alligator Spirit protects from manipulation and teaches how to bid your time for best result. Alligator Spirit gives you the Power to Survive. Alligator Spirit teaches to be mindful what you consume; physically, spiritually and intellectually. Alligator helps you digest slowly, thus calming you down so that you can regain your energy. Alligator Spirit teaches Psychic sight.

Alligator Spirit teaches how to stay safe and to protect yourself. Alligator helps people in the initial stages of their projects, to create things that become self-sustainable. Alligator will also help parents who need to better safeguard the safety of their children. Alligator teaches when to protect and when to let go.

Alligator Medicine



Saving energy


Safeguarding the young

Creating something sustainable

Knowing when to let go

Psychic sight

Spending time alone

Alligator as a teacher

Alligator teaches how to take a step back, spend time alone to regenerate yourself. Alligator teaches how to best use your energy. Alligator Spirit helps people understand when and how to act for the best result. Alligator teaches patience. Alligator assists parents protect their young, and in a broader sense; protect your enterprises until they are self-sustainable. Alligators are master survivors.

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