Crow Spirit Animal

Original Course ~ Card meanings and combinations.

This is the very first course I created. It is still the course I am most satisfied with.

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Crow is represented by Queen of Wands Tarot Card

Crow Spirit signifies paying attention to Omens and an interest in the Occult. Crow helps you live a life with integrity and is the Spirit Animal for those who want to teach others. Crow Spirit aids in clearing your mind to see what it is you want to manifest. Crow teaches to focus on what is important. Crow teaches how to work with Law of Attraction, and how to become a Master Manifestor. Crow also teaches how to work with the Law of time, and how to live fully in the present.

Crow Spirit teaches how to live free from fearing the darkness. Crow assists those working in dark places to bring in the Light.

Crow Medicine


The Occult


The Law of Attraction



The Law of time

Time travel

Living in the present

Being a teacher

Working in dark places

Bringing the Light in


Working with Ethics


Protecting others and yourself using intellect

Speaking up to Protect others

Blowing the Whistle on someone/something

Crow as a teacher

Crow teaches you to live with integrity and truth, and to protect those vulnerable by speaking up. Crow helps people live an alternative lifestyle more true to who they are. Crow teaches how to work with time and the law of attraction. Crow Spirit helps connect you with pure Creation to become Master Manifestors. Crow helps teachers and people who work in dark places. Crow helps you enlighten the world around you.

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