Bear Spirit Animal

Bear is represented by Eight of Cups Tarot Card

Bear Spirit signifies going inward and choosing a path which is truly fulfilling. Bear is linked to the Ursa Major star constellation symbolizing following your star and reaching for the stars. You might be drawn towards the Northern Hemisphere when Bear Spirit is guiding you. Bear Spirit helps you know when you need to rest and when it is time to speed things up. Bear encourages you to take the time to be alone and reflect on our thoughts and emotions.

Bear Spirit teaches introspection. Bear spirit also assists parents keeping their children safe and well looked after.

Bear Medicine

Going inward

Following your star

Being drawn to the Northern Hemisphere


Giving and receiving protection

Protecting children


Preserving energy



Bear as a teacher

Bear teaches you to go within and to seek out a path that is truly meaningful to you. Bear helps preserve your energy and to get enough sleep. Bear helps you balance your yin and your yang, your hibernating and your awakening powers. During hibernating you seek within for answers, and during awakening you make your dreams a reality. Bear helps people with authority issues feel more comfortable in their own skin.

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