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Lizard is represented by Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

Lizard Spirit signifies the ability to manifest a new and desirable future. You are encouraged to choose the path that honours your true nature. Lizard assists in grounding you to Earth and prompting a change from the inside out, starting with listening to your psychic perceptions.

Lizard has the ability to escape danger by leaving their tail behind. This trick can only be utilized once as the new tail is made of cartilage. People with Lizard as their Spirit Animal have often had to escape danger in their past; saving their lives knowing they will have to be more careful in the future.

Lizard Medicine

Avoiding danger

Change of work

A better future

Psychic perception


Old soul

Choosing your path

Remembering your past

Your memories

Your ancestors


Reserving your energy

Lizard as a teacher

Lizard teaches how to choose your highest and best path. Lizard also brings up your memories (sometimes past lives) to be healed and released. Lizard can help manifest a new job and/or new place of residence (can be both). Lizard teaches you to stay safe from danger.