Octopus Spirit Animal

Octopus is represented by The Moon Tarot Card

Octopus Spirit signifies creativity, the subconscious and the intellect. Octopus has the ability to camouflage and become invisible. Octopus Spirit helps to bring magic and wonder to the person’s life.

Octopus navigates through the most difficult and tight spaces. People with Octopus Spirit is supported to succeed under difficult circumstances.

Octopus Medicine


Being different

Psychic ability

Writing talent

The use of intellect


Disappearing and appearing where you want to be

Succeeding against all odds

Surviving and Thriving

Octopus as a teacher

Octopus assists the artists and the writers to stay on their paths and avoid procrastination. Octopus Spirit blesses you with many spiritual gifts and a high intellect. You are encouraged to go where you are afraid to go, because you have nothing to lose. You will be able to hide from danger and appear where you are wanted and needed. Octopus guides you to use your wits and your strategic talents. No one can stop you.

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