Jaguar Spirit Animal


Jaguar is represented by Three of Swords Tarot Card

Jaguar teaches how to stay calm. Jaguar Spirit signifies reclaiming your power in the midst of chaos and darkness.

Jaguar will help you create order out of chaos, and to have a new beginning. Jaguar Spirit encourages you to acknowledge you are on the top of the food chain. You are the fastest and the deadliest, so there is no need to compensate.

Jaguar Medicine



Creating order out of chaos

Dealing with heartache

Being elite

Being in the advantage position

Keeping others at bay

Dealing with father issues

Becoming an authority

Cutting to the chase

Striking with lightening speed

Jaguar as a teacher

Jaguar teaches you to be the elite, even if it means you must deal with some betrayal and solitude. Jaguar Spirit will help you heal fast. Jaguar teaches you when to act, and how to act.


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