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Orangutan is represented by Six of Cups Tarot Card

Orangutan Spirit shows up in your life to help you come to peace with yourself and with your past, especially mother related wounding. Orangutan helps you with self-love and self-appreciation.

Orangutan Spirit teaches you to keep your dreams alive and believing in yourself enough to pursuit them. Orangutan keeps your inner child alive. Orangutan assists in keeping the bond strong between your parents and your own children.

Orangutan Medicine

Strong Mother Child bond.

Problem solving


Healing childhood traumas

Letting go of someone

Coming to peace with the past

Feeling at home

Doing what gives you joy

Climbing high

Branching out

Orangutan as a teacher

Orangutan teaches you to climb high and to branch out in an area where you feel nurtured and at home. Orangutan helps heal the past and mend broken relationships. Orangutan assists in keeping the mother-child bond strong throughout life.