Salmon Spirit Animal

Salmon is represented by the Hermit Tarot Card

Salmon Spirit signifies spiritual wisdom and the ability to swim against the current to reach Source; meaning connecting and being one with All That Is. The Salmon is considered the wisest of animals. Salmon spirit teaches how you can swim against the current using reverse current flowing beneath the surface. This ability translates how we can allow life to lift us up, rather than pull us down. Salmon teaches how we can make life easy and playful while we also grow spiritually. Salmon Spirit teaches how to return home; your true home, and how to connect with your past to create an even better future.

Salmon Spirit teaches how to work with the Law of Non-Resistance. Salmon teaches how to live free from Fighting with your current circumstance, including yourself. Salmon teaches how to Flow rather than how to Force.

Salmon Medicine

Spiritual Wisdom

Connecting with All that is

Being lifted up

Giving birth to your ideas

Giving life

Being in the Flow

Letting go of Struggle

Being different from everyone else



Connecting with your past

Re-visiting your childhood

Being Childlike

Salmon as a teacher

Salmon teaches you to live with Flow rather than Force. Salmon teaches Spiritual wisdom. Salmon Spirit helps people connect to All that Is, and that nothing is more important. Salmon is the Spirit Animal for those who are different. People with Salmon as Spirit Animal are often very gifted, they might even be prodigies. Salmon teaches that you have a talent you discovered from Childhood and that you must embrace this talent in your current situation. If you have forgotten, you must revisit and rediscover.

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