Dolphin Spirit Animal

Dolphin is represented by Four of Wands Tarot Card

Dolphin Spirit signifies being able to live in two worlds at once. Dolphin teaches how to balance serious tasks with joyful play. Dolphin Spirit helps you practice more love and joy into your daily life. Dolphin aids those who care for the sick, for children and people who for whatever reason cannot help themselves. Dolphin is believed to have Christ Consciousness.

Dolphin Spirit teaches you to have joy in your everyday life. Dolphin is the teacher of spiritual love, and to express spiritual love by caring for others. Dolphin helps you use your intellect in the highest and best way. Dolphin teaches you about the meaning of friendship.

Dolphin Medicine








Helping others

Being of service





Dolphin as a teacher

Dolphin teaches you what is important in life, and to have joy and love in everyday life. Dolphin has Christ consciousness and is a symbol for resurrection. When Dolphin swims into your life you are being guided to renew yourself or aspects of your personality to become more joyful. Dolphin spirit teaches you how you can incorporate mental tasks to become more intellectually nourished.

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