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Eostre New Beginnings Tarot Spread

This spread was created Good Friday 2016, however, this spread is appropriate any day of the year, whenever you feel the need to connect deeper with your life purpose. This spread is inspired by the Goddess Eostre.

Eostre New Dawn Tarot Spread

Use the whole deck for this spread. To get more information you can do a 2nd round and double up each card position. In this spread, it is also important that you read card position 5 and card position 6 together. Once you have identified your calling in life, doors will begin to open, and you will have direction.

Card 1. Area of your life to improve. Major Arcana cards here can indicate a life lesson you may feel is beyond your control. Connect and work with your guides as they are working hard behind the scenes for you now. Pentacles here can mean you need to improve your finances and health situation. Wands mean you need more FUN in your life. Swords mean you can improve your personal relationship through better understanding and communication. Also, swords can mean you need to study something that will challenge you and make you feel interested and intrigued, wanting to learn more. Cups can mean you need to feel more, create more, and relax more. Get into the right side of your brain and blend in with your spiritual being. Court cards here can mean you need to improve your relationship with someone special in your life, and this person could be you.

Card 2. How to improve it. In this card position, the cards will give you some hints to how you can practically put some strategies in place to start having improvements. Major Arcana denotes you need more flow. Clutter clear your life to make room for flow. Pentacles mean increasing your security; eat healthily and save some of your cash and put in the effort at work. Wands mean go and have fun, do the things that make you tick. Get excited about your life! Swords mean you need intellectual challenges. Learn about what interest to you. No more boring activities. Cups mean creativity and spirituality will improve your life.

Card 3. Outdated situations. In this position, it is revealed what you need to let go of to have more flow and meaning in your life. A limiting belief system often shows up here. Read in connection with Card position 1.

Card 4. New people coming in. Major arcana cards here denote you will connect with strong personalities. Court cards mean your soul family. Pentacles mean new people at work. Wands mean new people coming in through your interests. Swords mean people coming in to challenge you, perhaps someone you can have healthy competition with. Can also be a study partner. Cups mean love, so if single it can be a new love interest. If in a relationship cups here can mean soulful new friendships with a creative flare.

Card 5. Your Highest calling in this lifetime. This card position is very important. You highest calling in this lifetime is what makes your soul jump with joy. This is something you will be intensely passionate about, and once you have begun your journey you will not be able to walk away. Walking away from your calling would feel like soul destroying. You might already know your calling, however, your highest calling is also a clue to how you can best achieve to have a quality of life.

Card 6. Destiny to fulfill. This card position must be read in connection with Card position 5. If you feel confused about the cards do the Celtic Cross just answering this card position. Ask the cards to show you in a way you can understand.