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Synastry (Compatibility) Tarot Spread

Have you ever wondered how you can feel like you have known a stranger forever, while others are like a complete stranger to you? In this tarot spread, we look the Synastry or Compatibility between two people. This tarot spread can be used to look at both romantic, family/friends, and business relationships between two people.

Shuffle and cut the deck while you think of the other person.

Lay out the cards in the following card positions.

Card 1. Romantic and Sexual Attraction

Card 2. Similarity of Interests and Temperament

Card 3. Mutual Success and High Achievement

Card 4. Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding

Card 5. Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace

Card 6. Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Argumentive

Card 7. Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances

Card 8. Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration