Make your own Rune Oracle

The Viking runes are perhaps the most well-recognized and well sought after runes in the world. They are famous for the old and mysterious Elder Futhark alphabet that for a long time was a totally undeciphered writing system.  Then something magical happened. A Norwegian scholar with the name Sophus Bugge cracked the code in 1865. There are several types of runic inscriptions. One is to make a set of Runes to use in divination. Another is in rock art and on cliff walls. Runes are also used for magical purposes: to bind several runes together as the picture above shows to get certain qualities. Runes are sometimes used to lift curses. Runes can be carved onto surfaces to decorate them with the symbols that are meaningful to the person who in-scripted them. In modern times we see other types of Runes that people like to use. The 13 Witches Runes is one example. Another example is the Runes seen in the picture below: Picture one shows the Eight witches Stones and picture two shows the 22 Major Arcana runes (based on Tarot).

Picture1: The Eight Witches Stones

Picture1: The Eight Witches Stones

major arcana runes

Picture 2: The 22 Major Arcana Runes

How to make your Own Runes

To make your own runes do the following: Buy clay. The best clay is oven bake polymer clay. Make small balls and flatten them with something with an even surface. Use household items (you will have to be creative) that you can bend and shape to carve the symbols onto the polymer clay. Polymer clay is hard clay. Do NOT soften the clay up by using a polymer press. This will make it harder to carve the symbols onto the runes. The harder the clay is the easier it is to create the symbols. After you have carved the symbols the runes will have to be cooked in the oven. Follow the instructions set by the manufacturer of the polymer clay. When the runes are finished cooking the clay will be very hard (like rock). Paint with acrylic paint in a dark color. Once the dark paint is dry use a sponge foam brush to stamp a golden-colored acrylic paint on top of the dark paint. The dark paint will stay inside the carved areas while the golden paint will stay on the un-carved areas to make the effects seen in the pictures above. Learn to read with the Runes here.elder futhark runes


Feel free to use these templates in your own rune making. If you upload them to your website or blog, please link back to this site.


witches runes chart




witch stones



Major Arcana Runes. If you are using this template on your website, please link back to


The benefits of making your own Runes

There is a strong sense of ownership and bond with the Runes you make yourself. Once you have finished painting the runes I find that they can be a bit sticky. To get your Runes to be shiny and smooth I coat them with clear Nail Polish. Coal one side and wait until it is dry. Repeat on the other side. Once your Runes are dry they will be smooth and shiny. They will look divine.