Strength Tarot Card Love Meaning

Strength tarot card meanings
Strength: Passion

Strength Tarot Card Love Meaning.

Is Strength a good card to get in a question about your love life?

Strength is a very powerful card to get in any question, it is the card for the nurturer and the one that will step up when everyone else is too emotionally drained to stay connected with the situation.

Strength signifies someone who often becomes strong for everyone else, including their partners. Strength speaks of emotional strength. It denotes a love relationship where one often gives more than the other because one is so much stronger emotionally. It is a very healing card, and the relationship has every chance of going the distance. It has much to do with patience and growing stronger due to having gone through testing times together. The pitfall of Strength is that this card describes relationships where people often take each other for granted. Someone is their rock and they never imagine ever having to be without the other person who is always so strong for them. This can end up being a painful lesson.

Learn the traditional meaning of Strength tarot card. 

The lesson in Strength is never to take anything for granted. Strength denotes a relationship where one is very dreamy and loving, soft and artsy while the other is assertive, capable, career oriented and intellectual. One is placid while the other is full of emotional outbursts. This is a couple who needs to have something to care about together so they almost always end up having children. This relationship will give you what you want and what you need, and it is often financially stable as well as ‘rock solid’ emotionally. This relationship teaches you to appreciate every day and to honor the little things because it is the little things that always end up being the biggest things in our lives. Strength is also the kind of relationship where you honor each other differences. The longer this relationship prolongs the better it gets.

Strength tarot card Love Meanings summary

To sum it up: If you are single and want to manifest love, then Strength is showing up to tell you that someone is coming into your life to be your Rock. This is someone who will accept you for who you are. You will feel so comfortable with this person it is easy to take him/her for granted. Do not fall into that trap. This is not a relationship that comes around often, and if you lose it you will want it back again. You will become very confident in this relationship and you might even become the strongest one. The confidence and self-worth you are experiencing come from being with an absolute angel who adores you.


  1. Hi Tee, when Strength shows up reversed in a love reading it often means something in the Seeker’s life is depleting them, and they might feel like they are losing interest in the passionate side of the relationship due to being physically and mentally depleted. What ever it is that is causing this the Seeker must find a way change this so that they can enjoy life and relationships again. When a major arcana card shows up reversed it is often a sign that you must take one step back and incorporate the lesson in the major arcana card before the card you got reversed. In your case it is the Chariot tarot card, and the lesson in the Chariot in a love reading is Self-Love:

  2. Hi Ingen,
    I received Magician (supported by Strength) cards as the cards for romantic outlook for the month of Feb. But, I ended up deluding myself about a girl (there were no relationship) from my past.

    The delusion happened because my own tarot spread showed kings (in different readings) as the outcome cards for that girl. But, a senior tarot reader told me that at present, there are no signs of relationship with the girl.

    I thought Magician and Strength (out of 78 cards) were excellent. What do you make out of it? Is there some chance this month?

  3. Hi, often with Major Arcana cards they see what are occurring behind the scenes, the flow which our lives are influenced, and where we are heading in regards to our long term future. Magician and Strength showed up to tell you that you are on the right path towards your highest and best soul mate in this life time, and there will most likely be some shifts in your awareness this month. If the girl you mentioned in your comment is your highest and best soul mate than something will happen to bring you together. I would recommend you do a soulmate spread regarding this and see if you can recognize her in the cards, or if you see someone entirely different coming in. There are 2 soulmate spreads on this site, you can do both of them as they differ a bit, just scroll down the site and you will see them.

    Let me know how you go.
    Cheers, Inger

  4. Hi Inger,
    I tried the soulmate spread. Here’s what I got along with my observations. I’m not expecting a reading here. But, you can point out something which strikes you.

    Situation : Judgement

    Hidden influences : King of Swords (supported by Seven of Cups)

    (My interpretation: Am I losing myself in dreams and there’s a necessity to look hard at facts and reality? or may be King of Swords represents experienced Tarot readers like you)

    Past life connections: Temperance

    Family and Friends : Eight of wands (supported by page of cups)
    (my interpretation: There’s a high possibility of travel over water, even air travel because both the cards show water in the background. Or, may be overwhelming emotions will be at play)

    Where is she : Emperor (supported by Four of pentacles)

    (My interpretation: Here it looks like She’s working in a big and prestigious government or private bank or some big private mutual funds. If this combination represents some prestigious University + studying in Economics [pentacles?] field by any chance, then there’s a possibility that she’s the same girl)

    Who is she : Four of Wands (supported by Knight of Cups)

    Destiny : Six of Wands

    Apart from the where part (card 5), there’s no way to determine whether she’s the same girl I talked about. But, it helped. There’s hope that things will turn out well not matter whoever she is.

  5. Hi, Four of wands can indicate an Aries. This is someone who is emotionally very strong and in a leadership role. I believe you absolutely correct in your interpretation where she is. If you want to know how far away she is from you currently you can do the suit of cups method:
    Also Eight of wands in combination with Page of cups can mean you will meet her through a flat mate or someone you lived with in the past.

  6. Hi! i did an 11 card grand cross (celtic) spread. It showed me my family and our problems, but my question was about love. the future environment came up as the lovers. i gathered the cards and asked who that card was about. i already know who my husband is. he comes up as the 6 of cups. we’ve been through a lot and are having some problems as of now.
    Card #6: the last of the present card = the high priestess reversed.
    Card #7: the first of the future = strength card reversed.
    Card #8: future environment: king of cups reversed.
    after that comes the 3 of swords reversed(outer influence), the tower reversed(hope and fear) and my outcome was the 10 of cups upright. i don’t know what to do about 6, 7 & 8…especially 8. He is very difficult and very manipulative. if he’s to be my future as far as romance, how do i end this war? He has kinda turned me off and i want things to be right, but how do i get rid of this awful king of cups reversed? in my past, present, future spread, my love outcome when i got frustrated and asked who he is to me, he fell as the king of pentacles. *help*

  7. King of cups reversed can mean there is lack of friendship between you, and if you focus on nurturing the friendship between you, it can turn this relationship around.

  8. Hi Inger these cards were pulled in a recent tarot reading. I understand Justice and wheel of fortune, as things will change and I have a court hearing soon, some karam will be at play here. Strength with the fool is something I got stuck on.

    Can you give any guidance on these cards.

    Justice wheel of fortune – the sun – 2 of cups along with 9 of cups strengh and The fool

  9. Hi, Rainbow. I always have a look if there is synchronicity in the numbers, and if they line up with the suits. You get the number 2 showing up with cups, and that is always a very good sign. It means you are ready for more love in your life. Since no court cards showed up, it can mean there are important people coming into your life in the future, and you are being prepared. Wheel of fortune with the Sun mean you will make a very good decision, and you will end up having a fantastic new beginning (the Fool) where there will be room to create a whole new life for yourself with more love and joy. You also get a lot of Major arcana cards, and they show up when the scene is being set, and you might experience a lot of ‘weird coincidences’, however, they are not actual coincidences, they are part of your destiny. Cheers, Ingie

  10. hi Inger I got the strength card for the longetivity of the relationship…. what does it mean. does it mean that it is a solid relationship and long term potential

  11. also in one of the articles I read about the strength card it said that for an out come for love it could mean that you could not end up being passionate all the way becoz of reservations. is it true

  12. I asked how does he truly feel about me and i got the strength card. I’m barely learning tarot and interpretations. I pulled out a clarification card and i got 4 of wands. I noticed that both cards have similarities, the color yellow, the wreath/crown on top of the maiden’s head resembles the garland on the altar in the 4 of wands card. So is this good? How does he feel about me? He is not very vocal, he’s a virgo and im a pisces and very opposite i might add lol. We ‘re starting to get to know each other, it’s out 3rd time after 2 past failed attempts. He came back, i would like to know how does he feel about me. Please help. Tnx.

  13. Hi. I did a one card pull, asking if my ex still has feelings for me, and Strength came out (he is Leo as well). I looked through some of the love sector meanings in Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Green, indicating there’s still hang ups on the past on his end. What do you feel toward this?

  14. Thank you for confirming it, I could sense it. 🙂 I feel he is still thinking about your time together, and he got a lot of confidence and strength from you and your relationship.

  15. Hello ☺️I got the strength and the lovers as an outcome of what will happen in the future between me and someone else how this two cards work here?
    Tank you

  16. Hi Inger! What feelings does the reversed Strength card mean following the 6 of Cups (upright)? I asked what someone felt after meeting (I briefly met him once) and this last time I sent a congratulatory email. I asked the cards and that’s what turned up in a 3-card spread (I can’t remember the first card). Does Strength reversed mean the encounter was weak?
    Thanks 🙂

  17. Hi Inger

    Thanks for everything you do in Tarot Wikipedia. I copied the below from someone’s post in the Hierophant section. It had 7 cards (3 in the Destiny of Relationship section; 5,6 & 7) but I was only guided to pull 5. I’m not completely clear on all of these as I feel some of them have a couple of meanings….what are your thoughts?

    Card 1. What is the main obstacle between me and …name of estranged lover. Strength

    Card 2. What are the chances we will be reunited. 7 of Pentacles

    Card 3. How compatible are we. 3 of Cups

    Card 4. Future influences. 4 of Wands

    Card 5. Destiny of relationship. Page of Wands

    Thank you!

  18. Hi, Sarah. Strength as main obstacle between you could indicate that lack of substance in the relationship and impatience. 7 of pentacles can mean you will have to be very patient, and in the end you might lose interest. You are compatible when you can be social and have fun, the issue seems to be when you are dealing with day to day stuff and the mundane. Future influences, 4 of wands, can mean you will be reunited at a fun event. Page of wands can mean you will be able to reunite the relationship, but it might also be filled with drama.

  19. Sounds about right…I thought the second part was that someone else coming into my life, so I obviously read that wrong. Thank you for your insight. Currently, I’m not speaking to him and just trying to enjoy my life. I see him once a week because we go to the same place in the evening, but I speak with other people, not him, because he was incredibly hurtful the last time I spoke with him and I’ve had enough. When you say have patience, does this mean eventually he will open up or do I need to start opening myself up to him a bit? I’ve been relatively shut down to him, and I can see that he doesn’t know how to deal with this, but he’s not stepping forward enough for me to care, and he’s flirting with others in front of me without any concern really. I don’t know what he wants. Is there a spread I can do to shed a bit more light to this?

  20. Hello! I asked the cards if the person I have feelings for is a soulmate and potential life partner. I pulled the ace of cups, the moon, strength, and knight of pentacles. I am unsure how to interpret this answer and the moon and strength together? Any guidance would be great! Thanks.

  21. Thank you, Inger! I took your advice and did the are we soulmates spread this is what I got..
    1. Is this a soulmate? Two of swords
    2. What is our Karmic Connection? Ace of cups
    3. Romance, business, or friendship, or all 3? Seven of cups
    4. Long term vs short term? High priestess
    5. Is this relationship based on materialistic needs or love? Queen of cups
    6. How much passion will we have? The magician
    7. How does the other person feel about me? Ace of wands
    8. What does the other person think about me? Queen of pentacles
    9. How does the other person communicate with me? Wheel of fortune
    10. Most likely outcome of the relationship? Nine of wands (to get more clarity on this I also pulled the six of cups).
    Could you let me know your insight into this? 🙂


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