Strength Tarot Card Love Meaning

Is Strength a good card to get in a question about your love life?

Strength is a very powerful card to get in any question, it is the card for the nurturer and the one that will step up when everyone else is too emotionally drained to stay connected with the situation.

Strength tarot card signifies someone who often becomes strong for everyone else, including their partners. Strength speaks of emotional strength. It denotes a love relationship where one often gives more than the other because one is so much stronger emotionally. It is a very healing card, and the relationship has every chance of going the distance. It has much to do with patience and growing stronger due to having gone through testing times together. The pitfall of Strength is that this card describes relationships where people often take each other for granted. Someone is their rock and they never imagine ever having to be without the other person who is always so strong for them. This can end up being a painful lesson.

Learn the traditional meaning of Strength tarot card. 

Strength tarot card in a love reading

The lesson in Strength is never to take anything for granted. Strength denotes a relationship where one is very dreamy and loving, soft, and artsy while the other is assertive, capable, career-oriented, and intellectual. One is placid while the other is full of emotional outbursts. This is a couple who needs to have something to care about together so they almost always end up having children. This relationship will give you what you want and what you need, and it is often financially stable as well as ‘rock solid’ emotionally. This relationship teaches you to appreciate every day and to honor the little things because it is the little things that always end up being the biggest things in our lives. Strength is also the kind of relationship where you honor each other differences. The longer this relationship prolongs the better it gets.

Strength tarot card Love Meaning summary

To sum it up: If you are single and want to manifest love, then Strength is showing up to tell you that someone is coming into your life to be your Rock. This is someone who will accept you for who you are. You will feel so comfortable with this person it is easy to take him/her for granted. Do not fall into that trap. This is not a relationship that comes around often, and if you lose it you will want it back again. You will become very confident in this relationship and you might even become the strongest one. The confidence and self-worth you are experiencing come from being with an absolute angel who adores you.

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