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The Chariot Tarot card love meaning.

Is the Chariot a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The Chariot tarot card speaks of self-love more than it speaks of love with another person. The Chariot is all about being able to make it on your own as an individual before even thinking about entering into a relationship. If you are in a relationship the Chariot shows up to tell you that you might need more freedom within the relationship. Some might even choose to leave the relationship, or at least try out what it is like to live without the other person for a while. The Chariot can, therefore, denote a long distance relationship.

The Chariot is all about emotions, and choosing to be successful by controlling your emotions. The Chariot can signify feeling vulnerable without being able to show how you really feel out of fear of rejection. The Chariot shows up when there is competition in your relationship and you feel like you have to prove yourself all the time. The Chariot is a relationship that will bring out your fears of not being good enough. Sometimes one is much stronger than the other and is using their power in less than honorable ways to gain control in the relationship.

Learn the traditional meaning of the Chariot tarot card. 

The Chariot is a card for achieving and winning. This is a card for victory. The need to succeed comes first. Ask yourself what it is you are obsessing about in your life. Something is taking first priority before your relationship. As a result, the relationship often suffers, or is currently unable to blossom. There is not enough room for both of you because you are both very driven, and one will have to take second place. The Chariot often shows up when the seeker will meet someone who wants to be the hero and save them. They want the Seeker’s adoration.

The Chariot tarot card Love Meanings summary

To sum it up: The Chariot speaks of relationships that need time to develop so that you can both find out how to be comfortable in it without the fear of rejections and failure. Once a secure foundation has been established the relationship has a great potential, but only if you can give each other enough individual space.