Devil tarot card love meaning

devil tarot card meanings
Devil: Obsession

What does the Devil mean in a love reading?

Is the Devil a good card to get in a question about your love life?

The answer to this question is yes. The Devil is not all bad when it shows up in your love reading cards. It means there is passion in your relationship. The Devil speaks of love that feels like an addiction. It can be the kind of love you feel you are unable to live without.

Most of us have experienced being so in love with someone we are unable to sleep and eat. It is the kind of emotions that enslave us and affect us on a physical level. Whether this is lasting love is another question. Due to the intensity seen in the Devil it can become a relationship of pain. It has to evolve from its early stages to become a healthy and balanced relationship. The destructive part of the Devil happens when one of the parts in the relationship evolve at a slower rate than the other part. This is when stalking and abusive behaviour rear its ugly head.

Learn the traditional meaning of Devil tarot card here. 

When passion turns to pain the shackles of the devil tightens. To escape pain many turn to drugs and alcohol, or they escape in other ways; such as work. Other escape geographically. To get a release from the Devil’s chains the best thing you can do is to escape into a fun activity that you can share with your partner. Do something together that will put a smile on your faces.

If you are single and looking for love and you get the Devil in your reading it often means you will meet someone you will feel addicted to. Look at the other cards for a clue if this relationship will be evolving into harmony or if it will be destructive. The Devil means you might find someone who will not be entirely what they seem, and you might be on the receiving end of someone who has an obsessive personality. If you both become obsessed with each other this relationship will most likely become very committed very fast, and you might discover later down the track that you didn’t know each other as well as you thought.

With the Devil, it is often other agendas that connect people together. If you are already in a relationship and the Devil shows up then there is something binding you together that feels like it is more important than life itself. Children and grand-children often become a priority. Making sure everyone has got what they need can become an obsession. When the Devil card comes into play there are often worthiness issues fuelling the behaviour of the seeker. Making sure you are good enough for the people you love. Hidden anxieties and worries you are not allowing people to see can be a factor. On the surface everything looks fine; but underneath you feel weary. You might even feel like you are unable to be yourself; you are being who you think your loved ones want you to be.

Devil Tarot Card Love Meaning summary

The Devil tarot card speaks of love that feels like an addiction. You might feel like it is all too much; unable to sleep and eat properly. The love you feel can evolve into a happy and balanced relationship, but it can also turn into a painful experience unless you both evolve above the physical. 


  1. Hello!

    let’s say the Devil shows up, and you have cards like the World, the Star, Temperance…is it good then? It means it’s one of THOSE loves?
    Thank you 🙂

  2. I use the Celtic Cross where the conclusion card is the last card you lay out. You do read the cards together however the Energy is strongest associated with the last card so if you get the Devil it can mean that what started out being a great thing turns sour. Few people stay in one energy only. It can go into stages where it is like the Devil card to the Lovers card. Sometimes a relationship can be amazing and toxic at different times. The best thing you can do is to work with the energies to get through them and not end up being defined by them. Some people stay, lets say in the Devil energy, for way too long. Their relationships are based on control and fear. But it might have started as true love. Love can be a trigger for some to escape into fear energy because they are afraid of loosing their love….

  3. If the first card is the Devil and the last card is the 2 of cups with the queen of pentacles in Position 3 and the queen of cups in position 5 and the world in position 2, I’m reading this as that I’m obsessed but that it will develop into something sweet. The 6 card is 4 of wands.

  4. The devil card often shows up when there is a lot of passion between two people….:) And you are right, it can mean that it starts out as that, and it turns into a loving relationship. 🙂

  5. Hi Inger,
    Well done, I like your site!
    I Have the popess for me, the devil for him and the wheel for us both (II-X-X) and we broke up.
    I wanted to know if we will go back together, well I read the cards but you know when it is for ourselves, it is not simple…

  6. Thank you for your answer 🙂
    Well, will see… 🙂
    Devil mean sometimes someone proud, angry, stubborn…
    I see here that it may be have changes in that, like he will cool down and see the situation with more clarity…
    Time will tell…

  7. Hi Inger, I drew the ‘The Devil & the world’ as feelings. how he feels about me? He knows i like him, but he has been telling me that he does not want me to be lead on as he is having fun after a long relationship and has been playing the field. I would have thought that he thinks I’m obsessed with him? Or that he is lying how he feels about me? lol what do you think?

  8. Hi, Nancy. The Devil card often shows up when someone is feeling very attracted to someone on a physical level. He is feeling a lot of passion for you, and I also feel like he thinks it could be another long-term relationship (the world often means long-term), and therefore the time might not be right for him to commit right now. I also feel like if you started dating other people, he would be very jealous.

  9. Hi Inger, As i was reading the comments i realised similarities to my reading but im really confused. Me and my boyfriend broke up 4 months ago, recently he called me at 3am from private number (he does that sometimes). I asked if we are going to get back with eachother as i still have feelings for him. In my celtic spread i got
    1.king of wands
    2.five of wands
    3.two of swords
    4.ten of swords
    5.six of cups
    6.four of swords
    7. The sun + i leyed out two addictional cards queen of wands and the lovers
    8. The hanging man
    9.knight of pemtacles
    10.nine of swords
    11. The devil +four of pentacles + five of swords

  10. Hey! Could you do a one card reading for me and find out what a certain X feels for Me? Thanks a lot. I am Ina lot of turmoil.

  11. Did this person say hurtful things to you? This person might feel confused about how to act. There is hope here, though, you need to enter into a more calmer and kinder phase. Be patient with this situation. I feel like you will move towards a more peaceful time.

  12. Yes he did! He thinks I have wronged him. And I really miss him.
    Will he come around like before and does he feel for me? Love? We have known each other for 7 years.
    You are so so great! Thanks so much

  13. Hi inger. I got a tarot reading done about this man with whom I feel very strongly connected inspite of him telling me that he has no feelings for me n v have no future. I picked card 1st time thinking of him n got the devil, 2nd time I questioned if I have a future with him n to my surprise the same card came in, the devil. The tarot reader said she sees affection n he will rebound back. Now does this mean rebound in a negative manner just on physical level or it means positively he will come back to me with true love n true feelings for me. M completely in a mess. Would u plz help me n also if u can pull a card as to what my future holds with this guy. Again I very strongly feel connected to this guy. I call him my soulmate. Plz guide.thanks.

  14. The Devil shows up often when there is a strong physical connection that can make us feel almost a bit obsessed with the other person. When I laid out the cards for you, I got 3 x seven (cards that are 7 in numerology), and this triple 7 energy denotes a spiritual connection between you, which is why this feels so intense. But if also can feel heavy and it needs more light to enter this situation. The cards do show up with this man having a difficult time and is in total overwhelm at the moment. Is he committed to someone else? It almost feels as he has to break it off with someone, and this is causing him to have a lot of guilt. I do feel there will be lighter energy coming in, I can see Joy. However, I do think you will have to get to know him a lot better, and this will take some time. In the end, you will have to decide if you have the time to wait for him.

  15. Hi Inger,
    Well my “ex” and I, we did reconnect.
    In fact we saw each other, talked but not about us and what happened, I just couldn’t and he did not, so…
    We spend 2 hours talking, several times our hands touched and I dont know if I dreamed but I felt like he tried to held my fingers as before when we started…
    I know he is proud, and he was hurt by me having a break … I do have strong feelings toward him but I don’t know if we still have feelings for me, if he wants us to be back.
    And I just wanna know if there is to hope or I have to let him go…
    Could you tell me what you see about us Inger please?

  16. Firstly thanks inger.n yes he is committed to someone, but is in a troubled relationship. Towards the end u have mentioned that I got to decide if I have the time to wait for him, does it mean this is going to take long, n is it that there is just a possibility of him coming or he is coming.thanks.

  17. Hi! I keep getting The devil, Lovers, empress, moon, and hanged man in a reading about how a girl feels about me. Does this mean we will be together? Thanks!

  18. Hi, I have fallen out with a friend I asked the cards if he wants to resolve things with me and I got the Devil card!
    I don’t know how to interpret this. Does this mean he will have an agenda if he we speak again?

  19. Hi, I really want to contact an ex after holidays in june. (We broke up more than a year before), This is what I get:

    Card 1: How you feel about yourself »
    Card 2: What you want most right now »
    The Moon
    Card 3: Your fears »
    The Lovers
    Card 4: What is going for you »
    The Devil
    Card 5: What is going against you »
    The Hanged Man
    Card 6: The likely outcome »
    The Hierophant

    I am afraid because of the devil, but anyway is something I want to do… I feel I need

  20. Hi, Lola. You might have to work on your fears of getting hurt in love as the Lovers ended up in Fears position. Devil card as a positive can mean your ex is still thinking about you as well. The hanged man in what is going against you can mean your ex is a bit afraid to come forward. Hierophant as outcome card means you will be able to find love soon, and be committed.

  21. Hi. I really luv this guy. V got intimate thrice. But he says he has no feelings n does not commit but still want to be connected to me.Would you please pull a card and suggest if v would have a future or I should just move on. Thanks.

  22. Hi Inger
    I pulled the 5 of swords; the tower and the devil card and wondered if he will contact me to have a talk about what happened.
    People have told me not to go back if he comes as he is dangerous but I don’t want to be blindsided if he does.

  23. I got a reading asking about this guy and me. Got the devil in the middle and after a 8 of wands and then ace of wands and then ace of cups. We are not together he has a gf. Are the cards positive? Could you pull a card for me. Thank you

  24. Hi, I feel a new person is coming into your life and it will be a total surprise to you. This person is a lot of fun, and you might not notice this person straight away as he shows up in the unexpected position when I pulled some cards for you.

  25. Hi Inger,

    I’m in a relationship that I am considering leaving. I asked the cards should I leave him for the other man that I work with that I feel this connection with. It is almost addictive, I think about him all the time, and when I’m near him I feel the tension in the air. When I look in his eyes it is so intense. I did a universal 6 card spread. The cards I got were The Lovers (how I feel about myself), the World (what I want most right now),Wheel of Fortune (Your Fears), The Emperor (What is going for you), The Hermit (What is going against you), the Devil (the likely outcome). As you can imagine I was quite alarmed to see the Devil as the outcome. Am I going down the wrong path? Please help.

  26. I just used a one card draw and asked about the future of our relationship. We are separated right now. I don’t know how to read this card, is it positive or negative? It was an amazing, at times, and abusive, at other times, relationship. What would you say the card is saying?

  27. In a past, present, and future reading I drew the emperor, ace of pentacles and the sun. I’m assuming that could mean, controlling and abusing power in the past, a beginning of a new era for the Ace of pentacles and happiness for the sun. You, I’m sure, know more than I do, what is your understanding of the cards drawn?

  28. Hi Inger i m new here and i love ur readings and i am confused about will i get back with my ex husband not divorced yet but we are living separately since a year.
    So i asked the cards:
    Past position: wheel of Fortune
    Present : strength
    Future: hierophant
    Does he have any feelings for me or should i move on?
    Thanks in advance xoxoxo

  29. Hi, Inger. If you have Devil, Hermit, and Reversed three of wands, what does this mean in a relationship?

    Thank you very much.

  30. Hi. It could mean there is some miscommunication at play, especially with texting or writing online. The Devil with the Hermit sometimes show up when there is jealousy, and it could be due to a misunderstanding with something that was written down somewhere, often online with the three of wands reversed.

  31. Hi
    I did a past present and future reading for my current relationship and got 4 of swords, justice and the devil. I’m a little bit confused as I do feel it’s a realtionship that could go far so the devil card in the future position worries me

  32. Hi, I asked the cards the status of my relationship with someone and I pulled the devil, the lovers, king of swords and temperance.. how would you interpret this? At the moment we are not talking.. Thanks so much!

  33. Hi, I feel this relationship can heal, especially since you got the Temperance card. Just let emotions cool down a bit and then approach this person in a non-confrontational manner.

  34. Hi Inger, my relationship with someone recently ended and I have been struggling to accept this. I feel this person is the one for me and have done a few readings on myself and the Devil card repeatedly comes up. Today, I did the “you, me, us, advice” spread, and what came up was:
    Him: 7 of cups
    Me: 2 of cups reverse
    Us: The Star
    Advice: 9 of cups.
    Could you shed some light on this? Will we get back together? Should I reach out to him?

  35. Hi, Ashley. I am so sorry to hear this. Since you are getting 2 of cups reversed, it can be a good idea to wait a little bit until you feel more at peace as I feel you will be able to approach this a lot better in the future, and you will feel a lot better about yourself and everything that has happened.

  36. Hello Inger,
    Hope you’re doing great
    Inger, I really need your clear-sightedness…
    Can you spread cards for me please?
    Everything was good and then I started talking commitment and marriage and he told me that he won’t remarrying again. It wasn’t a hash discussion, it just spoted in a discussion…
    I saw he was a bit angry when he left, I wasn’t …
    But since, he didn’t come or phoned.
    It’s 15 months relationship, I broke up for 2 months but we come back together and I love him and it seems to me he loved me too, but I don’t know anymore as he reaction is too much for what it was…
    For the first time I saw him, long before we started a relationship, I felt something special about him… But maybe it’s just me feeling that way, I don’t know anymore, I’m confused…
    I wanna know if he will come back to me or if he just stepped away.

  37. My ex husband and I were married for 8 years, divorced for a few now. We each have moved to other states and moved on with other people ( I have never really been happy since our dv and he says he isn’t in love with his gf) Recently we each ended up back in our hometown and ran into each other in a restaurant seated next to each other! We had no idea the other would be there. The world seemed to stop. There has been some contact and those feelings are still there and run very deep, especially for me. He says he loves me but I just need your thoughts on the cards I pulled. …Card 1- sun ( what I feel now),2star ( how I feel),3-moon ( my fears),4emperor ( what’s going for me),5-justice ( what’s against me),6 -devil ( outcome). I asked the cards what I needed to know about the love he has for me. Can you help me interpret this spread? I really need clarity. Thank you so much for your help.❤

  38. The devil can mean your fears are getting in the way. The moon in what is your fears can mean you are very confused right now. What was the reason you got divorced? Those issues could still be there deep down, and they must be worked through if you are to have a 2nd chance….

  39. Thank you as that sure makes sense. There was infidelity. Since I asked what I needed to know about his love for me does this spread tell his thoughts or mine? Is the sun and star a good thing? I am just beginning to learn and your site is very helpful. Thank you very much

  40. Hi, Susie. I got the feeling if you went back you would have the similar problems as the first time. I also get the sense he doesn’t communicate very well with you.

  41. Hi

    How should we interprets the devil card if the break up already happened months ago? Both side are not really making real effort to talk but they are just playing games to get each other’s attention on social mediA?

    Basically my attention fuels him and he would be more active to look for someone new. I took a month off and disabled all social media account. He had no clue what happened to me, someone called me from a private number I suspected it was him, when I answered and he heard my voice and hung up.

    Since I “disappeared” he stopped looking for girls on dating site. When I got into contact again his repond was neutral and emotionlrss and that made him log into dating site right away. Yet he kept looking for ways to get my attention on social media.

  42. The Devil card can speak of love that feels a bit obsessive and you get the strange behaviour you describe…he ‘stalks’ you online and wants to get your jealous….

  43. Hello again. Do you do private readings? I feel I need one and would definitely pay. I trust you and have looked at most all of your posts. Thanks so much.

  44. Hello, very long story short…We were married for 8 years and had a very nice life,been divorced about 6The last year of our marriage he trave6 on work and cheated a couple times.The second time I retaliated and did too. We both were sorry and tried to work it out but sadly we didn’t. After the divorce we stayed in touch and moved back in together for a while. We eventually went our separate waysWe each moved to other states and I remarried ( unhappy) and he says he isn’t in love with his gf. About a year ago ( after 3 with no contact) we reconnected. There has been mentioned on both sides to reconcile.He pulls away because I am married and he doesn’t want to be the cause of a breakup although I had way before thought of leaving my verbally abusing control freak husband. I am thinking about moving back to my home state as my rental there has become empty and I have a job opportunity in my line of work. So I have so many things going on in my mind and heart. I don’t even know the question or reading exactly but it would go something like this…..will I be happy and respected if I stay married,can my ex and I be reunited if I leave and will I be successful in supporting myself. ….( a psychic told me last February that I would leave and my ex and I would be reunited and I would be successful in my carrer if I returned back to work, another told me something similar). Anything you can help me to really give some insight to would help me and I appreciate you very much. Thank you.

  45. Thank you so much! At that time I will not have service where I will be. Is this something I can do when I have WiFi service a few days later?

  46. Hello I haven’t gotten the link to the webinar. I was without service for a while. Could you resend please. Thank you so much.

  47. Hello, i did a reading for myself, asking if i will get into a relationship by the end of this year. I drew two cards, empress and devil. What does this mean?

  48. The empress attracts love interests like a moth to a flame so you will definitely have suitors lining up 🙂 However, the devil can mean you will meet someone who could end up stalking you so you must also be very careful who you date. I recommend you write a soulmate list. Write down all the qualities you want in a relationship focusing on the Character of the person you will end up with. For example that the person will be trustworthy, loyal, faithful etc. 🙂

  49. Hey there today I asked would my boyfriend in continue our relationship next year? I know this is a strange question but its a big possibility I may move to another country to do a fellowship, so in a few months we won’t know where we stand in terms of our relationship. Anyway, its up in the air right now, no firm answers yet.
    I got: King of Swords Devil King of Cups
    I got Heirophant to clarify the three. What is your take? My bf is a Leo but he does have a Moon in cancer I wonder if KOC represents him? I wonder if Devil will bind us together and bring up more emotional period between us? Thank you.

  50. Thank you! I feel the same way too about him. We tried to break up last year because of our intense work schedules, it only lasted like a week because we missed each other too much.

  51. Hi! I really enjoy reading your interpretations on the tarot readings. My ex bf and I have been “taking a break” for four months now. We haven’t made any contact with one another during this time and I was wondering if me and him will get back together (I still miss him very much and I just want some clarity…) So I did a celtic spread and got:

    What covers you: hierophant
    What crosses you: page of wands
    What is beneath you: the hanged man
    What is behind you: queen of pentacles
    What crowns you: the lovers
    What is before you: death/rebirth
    Your Self: three of swords
    Around you: two of swords
    Hopes and Fears: the star
    Outcome: queen of swords

  52. This person really hurt you. Was he also abusive to you? Queen of swords means the situation has scorned you on a level, and you need to heal from this. Death/Rebrith means you will go on a deep quest of self-discovery and healing.

  53. This person really hurt you. Was he also abusive to you? Queen of swords means the situation has scorned you on a level, and you need to heal from this. Death/Rebirth means you will go on a deep quest for self-discovery and healing.

  54. I did a three card reading about the outcome of future relationship with a guy and the cards showed up are the devil,the lovers and the magician.what does this combination mean

  55. Hi Inger
    Me and my ex broke up 4 months ago. It was very sudden. I have not seen or spoken to him since. I miss him so much. I asked the cards whether we he will reconnect and got the 4 of cups and the devil card. What does this mean? If only we could reconnect an talk things out…It is like daily pain to live without him. I never experienced anything like this. Do you think this means yes there will be a chance for us?

  56. When you get all major arcana cards it can mean the Seeker is very ‘programmed’ to respond and react in a certain way, and it is often due to things that occurred in your early life. There is a strong karmic connection between you and this guy and it could grow into a relationship. In the process, it is important that you keep in touch with yourself and don’t lose yourself. The devil next to the lovers can speak of very intense feelings being evoked in you that can feel overwhelming. The most important thing in a relationship is that you are free to be yourself.

  57. I feel there is a chance, however, you must stand up for yourself because I dont think he knows how much this hurts you and I feel he was insensitive to your feelings a lot of times.


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