Wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the Big destiny card in the tarot deck. What is meant to be is meant to be. In the tarot when the Wheel of Fortune turns up it means that the events and people in your life are in your life due to divine prearrangement. Things work out the way it should due to divine timing and divine intervention. There is often a strong soul connection to those around you when the Wheel of Fortune shows up in your tarot readings.

The Wheel of fortune tarot card lets you know that you can allow letting go of some control. Your life will start flowing forward in amazing ways. Wheel of Fortune reminds you that you belong to something bigger; a big wheel of divine consciousness. Even when you feel lost and alone there is a grand plan for you. You are one with life even when you feel out of sync and out of touch. You are being guided and protected, and you can never be disconnected. Trust life. The best is yet to come.

Wheel of fortune speaks of feeling very optimistic and also competitive. In a relationship, the Seeker could be feeling the pressure to make a big decision. Wheel of fortune speaks of love that will grow if the couple can experience a lot together, both adventures and business ventures.

If you are asking how someone feels about you, Wheel of fortune indicates this person could be loving the chase and the game of the relationship, especially if there are other love interests they are competing against.

Wheel of fortune tarot card denotes someone who has travelled, educated themselves, and who has an expanded awareness. They adapt easily and is considered to be very lucky people, often receiving high regard from others. They have a strong sense of purpose and belonging, and they are not afraid to try something new.

Pride and grandeur by nature they often love to party and are often the centre of attention. Wheel of fortune people carries themselves with style. They are always busy going somewhere and doing something exciting. They have little time for sleep and downtime as they are busy achieving. This is someone who always land on their feet and who bounces back stronger from every little setback.

Wheel of fortune tarot card denotes luck is on your side and the wheel is turning in your favour. Wheel of fortune tarot card often shows up when people and places have extra significance. The Seeker might receive a promotion, meet their soul mate or experience overnight success due to divine prearrangement. The Seeker is aligned with their highest and best.