Ace of Wands and predicting the height of someone

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Ace of wands and the predicting someone’s height.

Using the suit of wands to determine people’s height.

The tarot is often used to determine how someone looks like. Ace of wands often shows up in a tarot reading to tell about someone’s growth. Most often this growth is spiritual, but as a tarot reader, you can decide to give the suit of wands the purpose of telling you about physical growth as well. Because of this, you can use the suit of wands to determine how tall someone is. Let’s say you are describing the physical appearance of someone who is entering into the seeker’s life. Especially in soul mate readings you might want to say a few words about the height of their soul mate you are seeing in the cards.

Predicting a male’s height in cm:
Ace of wands: 165 and below Two of wands: 165-170 Three of wands: 170-175 Four of wands: 175-180 Five of wands: 180-185 Six of wands: 185-190 Seven of wands: 190-195 Eight of wands: 195-200 Nine of wands: 200-205 Ten of wands: 205 and above

Predicting a female’s height in cm:

Ace of wands: 140 and below Two of wands: 140-145 Three of wands: 145-150 Four of wands: 150-155 Five of wands: 155-160 Six of wands: 160-165 Seven of wands: 165-170 Eight of wands: 170-175 Nine of wands: 175-180 Ten of wands: 180 and above

To determine someone’s height do as following:

Shuffle the deck and cut it in two using your non-dominant hand. Put the bottom pile on top of the top pile. Start turning the cards over one by one. The first wand card that shows up between 1-10 gives you the answer.

Ace of wands and determine your own personal growth

Ace of wands can be used to determine how much you are growing and developing in your own life. If Ace of wands is showing up in a reading it can mean you are investing your time and efforts into something that means a lot to you.

Ace of wands can denote you are just at the beginning stages while ten of wands means you are heavily invested.

How invested you are in something depends on how high from 1-10 the wand card is. Usually, from seven of wands to ten of wands the person is too invested to turn away from their projects even when they are failing. If they ask about starting a new job and you get for example Nine of wands in the job they are currently in it can be a sign that they will stay in their old jobs because they are so deeply invested they are unable to move on.

You can help the seeker by making them aware that if they want to start over they will have to release what they already have.

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