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  1. Hello Inger! Just wanted to ask for some help on this interpretation about my boyfriend and I. I believe him to be my soulmate. I met him online and we dated for 10 months. When I met him he revealed to me after a week of talking that he had a girlfriend who he dated for 3 years. I didn’t approve of that so I was going to let him go. He then broke up with her saying that it was long overdue. We started going out a month later, Nov 2015. We get along great and aren’t afraid to be ourselves with each other but we carried a long distance relationship since he lives an hour away. Around 2 months ago, I found out he cheated on me with his now ex around May and that he’s kept in touch with her here and there. She’s best friends with his sister so she’s always present in his life. He claims he wants to be with me forever and that he was stupid but I feel like he isn’t being honest. So I broke up with him a month ago but he still texts me. I love him but I hate thinking that she’s still in his life and that I can’t trust him. I did the Estranged Love reading because I needed answers.

    Estranged love reading
    The Magician

    What chance do we have together?:

    How compatible are we:

    Future Influence:
    The Lovers

    What is our destiny together?:
    The Hermit, The Chariot, The Wheel of Fortune

    I also did a separate reading asking about him and his ex:

    Is he stuck between the two?
    The Hermit

    Are they meant to be?
    The tower

    Will they ever get back together
    Wheel of fortune

    What do I need to know about them?
    The moon

    Am I only a distraction to him?
    The Sun

    Know that we have a strong connection together and have even thought of marriage and kids. We talk about the future. According to him he says he doesn’t want anyone else but me and that he wouldn’t take me for granted. Hopefully I can get some insight for better clarity. Please and thank you!

  2. Hi, Marggie. I am sorry to hear about your relationship issues. If you could give me your date of births, I would love to do a numerology compatibility analysis on you (all three if possible). You can privately message me on the contact-me site if you like…Cheers, Ingie

  3. Hey Inger,
    That’s no problem; I’ll be tuning in! I sent you an email with the info that you asked for. Thank you again… Blessings, Marggie


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