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Ace of Pentacles and Home Sweet Home.

Using the suit of Pentacles to predict someone’s home.

Ace of Pentacles speaks of our possessions and the things that give us security. Ace of pentacles often shows up in a reading to say something about our home. Because of this we can give the suit of pentacles the theme of home and can be used to predict what someone’s home is like. It can also be used to predict the next home of someone including our own.

Ace of Pentacles speaks of the home you grew up in.

Two of Pentacles denotes a home by the sea or by water.

Three of Pentacles denotes building your own home from scratch.

Four of Pentacles denotes living in an expensive apartment with a great view.

Five of Pentacles denotes living in a ‘dirty’ city or a bad neighbourhood.

Six of Pentacles denotes community living where everybody knows your name.

Seven of Pentacles denotes living on a farm.

Eight of Pentacles denotes living overseas.

Nine of Pentacles denotes having a beautiful home with a big garden.

Ten of Pentacles denotes a home where you will be growing old and have most of your memories.

Make the prediction

To predict your next home shuffle the tarot deck and cut the deck in two. Put the bottom pile on top of the top pile. Lay the cards out one by one. The first pentacle card between 1-10 that shows up is the answer.

Ace of pentacles and the roots of your being

Ace of pentacles often speaks of the roots of your being. If you have blocks with money and finances; look into your first lessons in life about security. Did you feel safe as a child? Are you craving safety and abundance in your life because you felt unsafe when you were younger? Abundance is linked to doing what you are meant to be doing; however, that can be difficult if you feel unsafe inside. No matter how much money you have will never give you the security you need.

Find out where you are on the Tarot hierarchy of needs to identify how high or low on the ladder you currently are. From then on you can set out to change yourself from the inside out.

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