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What is your Pet trying to tell you?

The pet tarot spread is designed to help people communicate with their pet(s). Miscommunication happens all the time, even between people who speak the same language. With our pets, it can become even trickier. Our pets might display a certain behaviour which can completely baffle us.


  1. What is your pet trying to tell you?
  2. How is your pet feeling towards you?
  3. What does your pet need the most in this situation?
  4. What does your pet love the most?
  5. What does your pet dislike the most?
  6. What is the best thing you can do for your pet?
  7. Situation outcome for your pet.

This spread is useful for anyone who wants to deepen their connection to their furry friends. If your pet has challenging behaviour I would focus on card position 3 as this position speaks of what your pet needs, and even though you might have done everything you can think of for your pet, this card position will help you understand your pet better.

Card position 4 will tell you about what your pet love. In combination with card position 6, you can create a clear picture of how to care holistically for your pet.

Humans and animals often share unbreakable bonds. This tarot spread aims at connecting you even stronger with your furry baby.