Knight of swords

Knight of Swords tarot card

The traditional meaning of Knight of swords tarot card is Activism. Knight of swords often signifies a change in mental activity which leads to more awareness about the world around you. Knight of swords can denote fighting for what you believe in.

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Knight of Swords in the grand tableau

Knight of swords in Ace of swords: Being a weapon.

Knight of swords in Two of swords: Bidding your time for better result.

Knight of swords in Three of swords: Speaking the truth even if it is hurtful.

Knight of swords in Four of swords: Using meditation as a tool for change. Self-control.

Knight of swords in Five of swords: War. Conflict. Danger.

Knight of swords in Six of swords: Expanding your horizon.

Knight of swords in Seven of swords: Working alone.

Knight of swords in Eight of swords: Prison. Guard. A guardian.

Knight of swords in Nine of swords: Worrying about the future.

Knight of swords in Ten of swords: Accidents. Disasters. A killer.

Knight of swords in Page of swords: An idealistic belief system.

Knight of swords in Knight of swords: Hasty decision. Adrenaline junky.

Knight of swords in Queen of swords: Chasing something better.

Knight of swords in King of swords: A mentor.

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